Is bitcoin dead? Not unless you buy ecigs with bitcoin

Becky Spencer-Davies

We here at Vape and Juice embrace new technology, the disruptive the better, its why we love ecigs, ejuice and the vaping scene. This is why we allow online shoppers to buy ecigs with bitcoin, one disruptive technology meets another.


Some media outlets particularly those who see change as something to peddle as a fear to their readership; would have you believe the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and others like it are already dying out. Vape and Juice can state that 25% of all our customers buy ecigs with bitcoin! We have no currency risk, when the payment is made it is immediately converted to Sterling and then transmitted to our merchant account; offering us a far cheaper way of transacting to our customer base than using more expensive merchant terminals clocking up fees between 2 and 5%. It is these punitive, unfathomable charges that are paving the way for a digital currency to come to the fore.


Bitpay, the service used by Vape and Juice at our online store: presents far less of the obstructions that the established payment providers pose, which in turn enables smaller retailers to tailor pricing at the affordable end of the spectrum. Lower payment fees, mean lower prices, which means Vape and Juice can offer low price ecigs and low prices on ejuices. From starter ecig kits to mechanical mods, we aim to be the go-to brand in the electronic cigarette market; we are confident embracing new technology such as cryptocurrency and allowing our customers to pay for ejuice or ecigs with Bitcoin, helps us in this mission.


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