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Best Vape Juice eliquid of the month - Vape & Juice e cig shop chart

Best Vape Juice eliquid of the month - Vape & Juice e cig shop chart

Best Vape Juice of the Month - Top eliquid list

We are often asked what is our best selling vape juice eliquid in our Vape & Juice local shops, so we thought we would publish our top three ejuices on a monthly basis to help you know what to buy.

January best vape juice:

Category: Overall top selling eliquid

Winner : Vape & Juice Menthol 6mg

Standing head and shoulders ahead of the competition, with a huge number of sales is our humble Menthol in 6mg. This Menthol eliquid is a cheap vape juice and suitable for beginners, with a 70% PG ratio. While it won't create big clouds, the flavour is a popular choice for those new to vaping and with the refreshing mint taste, means its a great all day vape choice. 

6mg is the lowest nicotine level apart from 0mg (zero nicotine eliquid) that the Menthol comes in and is suited for those who smoked between 5 and 10 cigarettes a day. If you would like to check it out in our online shop, click the title above.

Category: Best vape juice eliquid for cloudchasing (Big Smoke)

Winner : MOMO - Soda-Lish 3mg

Not far behind the Menthol vape juice which wins the award for best selling eliquid, is MOMO Soda-Lish. Available in 60ml bottles with free shipping code, the 3mg cloud chasing vape juice is a high demand eliquid.

Soda-lish has a slight fizzy taste made of hints of plum, raspberries, strawberry, lemonade and a grapefruit twist. Its a great fruit cloud chasing flavour and the big bottle offers excellent value for money. When you are using a thirsty tank which goes through vape juice quickly, you want a larger eliquid bottle. MOMO does the trick. They have a range of 4 great flavours, including a Lemon Drizzle, Pink-Me, and Slam Dunk Cereal flavour, but this Soda-lish wins the award this month for the best vape juice eliquid for big vapour cloud production. You can buy it online here, or click the title above.

Category: Best selling cheap / budget premium vape juice eliquid 

Winner : Vampire Vapes Heisenberg 6mg

Since we began stocking Vampire Vapes we have struggled to maintain enough of this blue fruity menthol eliquid, to handle demand. This vape juice, is a mixture of blueberry and menthol, with only a subtle mint hit. The cool taste of menthol in this eliquid ensures that it doesn't get sickly and its PGVG ration of 60% PG means its great in the more conventional e cig tanks such as the Aspire Nautilus and Glassomiser series (Click on the names to check out those tanks) and also in the Innokin Endura range. As it is higher in PG, it doesn't produce as much cloud as some desire, and its a little runnier so it can leak in sub tanks - but for those more concerned about flavour and a cigarette alternative, Heisenberg seems to do the job very well. 

If you want to check it out for yourself, click on the title to take you to the page. Alternatively this vape juice available in all Vape and Juice eliquid shops. You can find us in London, Kent and Essex. See where your nearest vape shop is using our store locator here

Thanks for taking the time to check out this month's top list of eliquids and vape juices to buy based on best selling stats with Vape and Juice. You can check out any of these liquids in our online store, or by visiting your local Vape and Juice shop near you. Check out the free shipping code FREESHIP. Or find a Vape and Juice eliquid shop in Basildon, Brentwood, Clacton, Colchester, Southend, Southchurch Road, Leigh on Sea, Archway / Highgate, Clerkenwell / Islington, Winchmore Hill / Enfield, Canterbury and Margate. 

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