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Best Vape for Discreet Vaping

Looking for a portable kit with discreet cloud?

Becky Spencer-Davies


ou might not want a huge cloud all the time, or ever. Maybe you just want to get your nicotine hit without drawing too much attention or practising tricks. If this sounds like you then you need to know the best vape for discreet vaping. Discrete vaping is perfect for work lunch breaks or being in a public space where vaping is OK but you want to keep it on the DL. 

What type of vape is best for discreet vaping?

You will want a more basic kit. Not something with huge airflow and lots of buttons. An ideal kit for discreet vaping would be something like a pod or a starter kit. You might have this as your second device, one that you take on nights out or out and about. These basic kits are great for storing in your pocket or purse without bulking it out. They are also good for vaping CBD.



The SMOK Nord makes the list of the best vape for discreet vaping as it has one of the biggest batteries found in a POD. The large battery will mean that you will be able to go longer without charging. Which is ideal if you are out and about all day without access to charging points.

The Nord fits comfortably in the hand, is slim for the pocket or purse and looks pretty stylish. The SMOK Nord is a great kit to use with nic salts or regular nicotine e-liquid. With the ability to access a range of coils for the device you’ll be open to more juices as well as the option to MTL vape.

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The Lyra is the new pod from Lost Vape. It is a simple and discreet bit of kit, perfect for new and seasoned vapers. This little device has a 1000mAh battery and operates between 10 and 20 watts.

Something we think is pretty cool about this best vape kit for discreet vaping is the fill up method and simplicity to change coils. Not only that, you also can access three different power levels. So if you are somewhere you want to keep vaping discrete keep the power low, if you are home then turn it up for big clouds. 

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The Aspire K-Lite Kit is perfect for newbie vapers who want something a little more. It is compact, reliable and portable. The built in battery is 900mAh, which should last a whole day.

While it might be more than a starter kit, it is still great for discreet vaping. 

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The Nano pod kit is a great quality bit of kit. It has a built in 750mAh battery and a 1ml pod, which can be refilled with the liquid of your choice. While this may be a discreet device it still has impressive flavour production so you can get the most from your e-juice.

If you are into your nic salts then you’ll be interested to know that the 2.8ohm coil is ideal for using this type of juice. Unlike some pod kits, the Nano indicates battery power with LED lights. 

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There are just a few of the best discreet vape kits on our website. You can find more kits to fit in your pocket, with a little less vapour than your cloud kit, on our website. They might be small, but they are mighty! 

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