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Best selling tobacco High VG eJuice

If you have just switched from ciggies and onto vaping, then chances are your first juice you buy will be a tobacco flavour. Sticking with what you know. Or, maybe, you can’t quite get on board with fruits and desert flavours and want to stick with good old tobacco flavour. Nothing wrong with that. Not when at Vape and Juice we have some of the best high VG tobacco eliquids at great prices.

One of our best selling tobacco high VG liquids is Slinging a Benson by Grinny Heaths. It is a delicious twist on a classic RY4, with sweet tones of hazelnut, pecans and bakery then with a hint of aged bourbon on the exhale.

It’s a pretty special flavour and it is no wonder why it is our best selling tobacco eliquid. The juice comes in three 10ml bottles and you can choose either 3mg or 6mg, depending on your preference.

Grinny Heaths, Slinging a Benson has a VG content of 70% and a PG content of 30%. This PG VG ratio means that you will experience larger clouds and a deliciously warm vape.

If you are looking for a vape juice that is classic tobacco with a sweet and tasty twist, a high VG content and a great price, then check out Grinny Heaths Slinging a Benson on the Vape and Juice website.

We really think that it is one of the best tobacco vape juices on the market at the moment.

Buy yours here.

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