Best practices for vaping safely

Arran O'Neill

Are you worried about your vape pen exploding? Have you read the scare stories (and seen the pictures) and now find yourself googling what causes vapes to explode?

It has to be said, a very small number of vape devices actually do explode, and if you’re getting them from a legit brand and using them in the correct way, then you should be fine.

Just to be on the safe side, here are a few things you should avoid:

  • Using the wrong charger for the device

When you buy your device it should come with a charger. This is the charger you should use for your device. While your mates phone charger might fit in the hole, the voltage could be too high for the battery to handle.

  • Buying cheap knock offs

The device you want is cheaper on ebay- it looks the same, you just have to wait for it to be delivered from God knows where. Buy a device made by a reputable brand, from a reputable shop. Also remember, buy cheap and you’ll buy twice!

  • Keeping it on charge for too long

When you charge your device it will probably get a little warm. Your battery should only need charging for approximately an hour, so no need to keep it on overnight or anything. If you’re worrying about what causes vapes to explode then overcharging is certainly one to avoid.

  • Charging it next to flammable items

If your vape is getting super hot when you charge it then take it back to the shop, and don’t leave it close to anything flammable!

  • Holding your fire button down for too long

Holding down the fire button or chain vaping can cause the atomizer to get pretty heated. If you find your device burning up, turn it off and leave it to cool down (not close to anything flammable). An overheated atomizer probably won’t cause a vape pen explosion, however it could burn out your device. Also remember to click the button to turn the device off - otherwise it could go off in your pocket.

  • Skipping the instructions

Instructions are boring, but necessary… Just check what the manufactures say about where to store your device (probably best to keep it out of direct sunlight and hot cars!)

Still worried about the causes of vape explosions? Stop by one of the Vape and Juice shops to get some advice on what device will suit you. All the devices we stock adhere to production standards. Thanks for reading! 

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