Best menthol High PG e liquid

Becky Saunders

At Vape and Juice we love a good menthol flavour. A vape juice that is cool, crisp and one of the best menthol eliquids with a high PG content is Pure Mist Menthol.

Pure Mist Menthol is much less harsh than other menthols on the market and is a great all day vape. Some people choose to mix a little of this into their fruity flavours to give them a refreshing hit of one of the best menthol e liquids with every toke.

The high PG content in this one of the best menthol e liquids is going to give you a stronger ‘throat hit’ which is a perfect way to transition from smoking cigarettes and moving onto the vape. The ratio is 70 PG and 30 VG for Pure Mist Menthol.

High PG menthol ejuices have a few useful properties. One being that PG is a humectant which means it helps to keep things moist- perfect for those coils and wicks. It is easy to vaporise and will give you a good flavour, which some say is better than liquids with high VG content.

In this menthol e juice with high PG you can choose your nicotine strength depending on your preference. The range of Pure Mist is 0mg right up to 18mg. At Vape and Juice you can get this one of the best menthol e liquids for £4.00 each or buy three 10ml bottles for £10.00.

Get yours here.

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