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best menthol vape juice uk reviews

Best Menthol Vape Juice UK | Top 11 for 2020

In this Top 11, we discuss the best menthol vape juice UK shoppers buy the most. 

You will know that you aren't buying blind and can shop with a bit more confidence when you grab your next mint e liquid.

best menthol eliquid reviews


What are the best menthol e-liquids in the UK?

Best menthol vape juice UK stand up! We talk about the top 11 mint eliquids that shoppers buy the most. 

There really isn't a better verdict than an ejuice top list of best sellers.

Which of these best menthol vape juice does this list cover? Well to make it easier, here's a clickable list for you to navigate a little easier:

Vampire Vape Heisenburg

Vampire Vape Ice Menthol

Vampire Vape Attraction

Vape and Juice Menthol

Vape and Juice Red Rocket

The Kraken's Purple

Doozy Salts Apple and Grape Blast

Big Zero's Heisenbrew

IVG Spearmint Millions

Wick Liquor Boulevard Shattered

Nasty Juice Slow Blow

Doozy Vape Blizzard

Don't like reading? How about a best menthol eliquid video instead?

I like mint ejuice - tell me more...

If you love a minty and refreshing flavour in your tank then you’ll want to know the best high PG and high VG menthol e-juice. You’ll want to be filling your kit up with something that will have your taste buds tingling.

Minty e-liquids are ideal for an all-day vape as they rarely get sickly. You can get so many great flavours blended with a menthol twist too.

Who knew that ice-cold cherries could be so refreshing! We have put together a list of our best selling high PG and high VG minty vape juices for you to get an idea of what others like. First, we look at high PG menthol flavours.

Why use high PG?

You might use high PG e-liquid if you have a more basic kit or starter device. It is usually the choice for those who have recently quit smoking as high PG offers a better throat hit, something that ex-smokers crave.

Not only that, high PG is great for flavour. If you're a cloud chaser or have a device for high VG then you'll want to head over to our best selling high VG menthols.

Vampire Vape Ice Menthol

ice menthol best high PG mint eliquid

Vampire Vape Ice Menthol is an intense frosty menthol flavour. This crisp and sharp e-liquid will be sure to cleanse your palette, just like a strong minty chewing gum.

You can vape this on its own for an intense ice blast, or we think it works really well when mixed with a citrus e-liquid if you are looking to tone it down a little.



Vampire Vape - Attraction

attraction vape juice vampire vape

Here we have another icey blast from Vampire Vape which comes under the best menthol vape juice. You may find this palatable as it is menthol combined with red berries and fruits. 

Vape and Juice Red Rocket

red rocket high PG menthol

Red Rocket from Vape and Juice is not only great value, it has a rich flavour of berries, cherry, eucalyptus and menthol. It is cool, but the menthol is not too intense.

Vape and Juice Menthol

menthol vape juice

Vape and Juice Menthol is perfect for those who have previously enjoyed menthol ciggies and are looking for high PG eliquid. This value e-liquid will satisfy those cravings and you can opt for various nicotine strengths. 

Vampire Vape - Heisenberg

best mint vape vampire vape

Heisenberg is one of the best menthol vapes out there. It has a fruity inhale and leaves you with a cool and refreshing exhale. It is ideal for those who like a little coolness to their vape.

Vampire vape juices are a high PG so will be best suited to your starter kits and pod devices, rather than those huge tanks. You’ll find the e-liquid in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg nicotine if you are trying to quit smoking because of the menthol cigarette ban.

Doozy Salts - Apple and Grape Blast

doozy salts apple blast

Nic salts are an ideal choice for those looking to get off cigarettes when they smoked a fair few in a day. This type of eliquid does not have such a harsh throat hit as some high nicotine juices do. Apple and grape blast provides the flavour of crisp and juicy green apples, grape and a cooling menthol hit. 

Nic salts are best suited to pod kits such as the Lost Vape Orion DNA kit.

Can you make your own high PG menthol ejuice?

If for some reason none of these hit the spot, then you might want to try making your own DIY menthol liquid. This is actually really easy to do. All you need is PG, VG and menthol concentrate. Then, you can choose to add nicotine and other flavourings. We have written up exactly how to create your bespoke flavour to get your friends jealous. 

Why use high VG?

High VG is the ideal juice for larger, sub-ohm tanks. It is smoother on the throat, thicker and gives a thick, dense cloud.

Nasty Juice Slow Blow

Slow Blow

Slow Blow by Nasty Juice is a high VG eliquid, making it more suited to kits under 1ohm, ideally below 0.5. This blend of pineapple and lime soda has a refreshingly cool exhale. 

Doozy Vape Blizzard

doozy vape best minty vape

Doozy Vape Blizzard is a fruity blend of grape and mixed berries, finished off with an ice cold blast.

Wick Liquor Boulevard Shattered

boulevard shattered menthol vape juice

Boulevard Shattered by Wick Liquor is one for you menthol loving, cloud chasers. It is a palatable blend of fruit punch, loganberry with a menthol exhale.

IVG Spearmint Millions

spearmint millions eliquid menthol

Spearmint Millions from I VG will take you right down the sweet shop with every vape. On the inhale you'll get spearmint chew flavour and on the exhale you will enjoy sweet candy notes.  

The Kraken - Purple

the purple best menthol VG eliquid

A cool blend of juicy watermelon and plump grape. You'll like this if you enjoy a palette cleanser and something a little fruity too. It easily makes its way onto the list of the best menthol vape juices.  

Big Zero's Heisenbrew

High VG Menthol vape juice

Heisenbrew from The Big Zero is a 0mg, high VG best mint eliquid blended with fruits and aniseed.


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