All About Vaping CBD Oil E-Liquid

Becky Spencer-Davies
All About Vaping CBD Oil E-Liquid

benefits of vaping cbd oil

You may have heard of CBD oil e-liquid  and be unsure as to what it is, why you’d use it and whether it gets you high. In this post we’re going to answer the common questions we hear around vaping CBD, such as what is CBD oil e-liquid, why would I use CBD vape juice and how will vaping CBD oil make me feel.

First thing first though, let’s clear up the biggest misconception around CBD oil- no, it will not get you high. CBD oil doesn't contain the THC chemical found in cannabis (the bit that will get you stoned.)

After numerous studies on the safety and benefits of CBD it has now been legalised in the UK as it is recognised as medicine. CBD or Cannabidiol makes up around 40% of the cannabis plant, and is one of the many cannabinoids found in the plant.

What does CBD oil do?

There are many benefits of CBD, which have been proven in various studies. One of the benefits of CBD is how it helps with conditions which are linked to an imbalance in homeostasis. It has been shown to help with conditions such as, depression, arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, acne, appetite disorders, PTSD, OCD, Crohn’s disease and even type 1 diabetes.

Why vape CBD e-liquid?

CBD evaporates at about 200 degrees, making the vape pen ideal for using CBD. It does not contain nicotine and you will have no hallucinogenic or psychotropic effects. By inhaling the CBD oil in the form of e-liquid you are going to increase the time in which it enters your bloodstream, ready to take effect.

CBD oil e-liquid comes in all different flavours too. You can find everything from Grape to blueberry and bubblegum. You can check out our flavours here.

In terms of side effects, the are only apparent with very high doses, according to a study. High doses in this case is around 1,500mg a day of CBD.

Side effects of vaping CBD might include:

  • Cottonmouth
  • Low blood pressure - ideal if you are suffering with high blood pressure.
  • Drowsiness - If you find that you are getting sleepy when you have been vaping CBD the best thing to do is to decrease the dose.

If you are looking for the best CBD oil eliquid on the market, then check out our range of liquids. If you have any more questions about CBD oil eliquid, then get in touch, or drop in one of our stores. 

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