Paying by Bitcoin?

David Mason
When dealing with a pastime of the future, vaping; why not take advantage of the commodity of the future, Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is showing considerable volatility in it’s trading as it works to find its way in the world, more and more online retailers are beginning to accept Bitcoin.

This week, Vape and Juice at have announced as from the new year 2014, they too will begin to accept the electronic currency. This is not to suggest that old money isn’t accepted; business innovation manager Lee Preston had this to say:

“When looking to take advantage of an open market frontier and fractured retail space, we wanted to show E-Cigarette consumers  that we fully understand new tech trends and are both in touch with commercial developments but are like minded souls too. We like the vaping game as it’s industry disruptive; Bitcoin speaks to us as it does to many other Millenials and Generation Y members. We speak the same language, its the new wave revolution and goodbye to the old guard. Vape and Juice UK is an independent e-cigarette and e-juice retailer that is not brand specific. We remain on the lookout for new ideas and great new flavours that can keep our customers well educated and entertained; by adopting Bitcoin as a payment offer we are one step ahead of our competitors.”

While Bitcoin remains volatile in value, the store itself will not be holding electronic reserves and will exchange out into FIAT currency (Old money to you and I) almost instantaneously. The reduced trading cost is likely to offer discounts at point of sale.


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