Time to drop down and lower your nicotine level? Customise your e-juice with Vape and Juice UK.

David Mason

Have you been vaping those 24mg eliquids for a little longer than you ought to? Feeling guilty that your journey on electronic cigarettes feels like you haven't made any progess yet? Dropping down your nicotine mg in your ejuice for the first time is a daunting experience.

Vaping is here to stop us from smoking. So the idea that we aren't getting that hit we need, making us consider poncing a smoke off a colleague and sending us tumbling backwards off the wagon, holds a little water. So how do you avoid this scenario - we want to share a secret tip that may make that step down a little easier for you.

That first cigarette in the morning for a smoker, can be a great deal weaker than your normal drag, because you've not touched one for 8-10 hours. Whether it be a Silk Cut, or the dregs of your Old Holborn when you usually light up a Benson, it can still hit the spot. This is the exact moment of the day for vapers when they should test a lower nicotine level. It is far easier to handle this drop down if you start the day with a lower nicotine level, than if you give it a go later in the day having used a stronger tipple.

It's really that simple. If you aren't ready for a full 5-6mg drop, why not check out our custom juice section, where we can make Mount Baker eliquids for you, to your exact nicotine specification. If you want to drop down from 18mg to 17mg, we can do that for you, lowering your nic 1mg at a time, all the way to ground zero. Find out here.

If you want to try out lower nicotine juices and zero mg nicotine eliquid, any one of our Vape and Juice vape ecig shops in Canterbury, Enfield, London, Canary Wharf, Southend, Essex, Colchester, Clacton and Southchurch; can let you find out in person. Alternatively you can order 0mg premium eliquids online here.


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