What is Stoptober - It's like October, but without cigarettes

David Mason

Have you seen the Al Murray Pub Landlord Stoptober adverts on tv?

What is Stoptober? If you have said the following to yourself this year. 'I want to quit smoking', then Stoptober is for you.

Stoptober is the annual 'Stop Smoking' campaign supported by the Government and is a call to action to smokers across the land to kick the habit for good. If you think it's time you quit smoking and have tried all the other methods on the market with little success, maybe its time you visited Vape and Juice at one of our Vape shops in London, Essex or Kent; to see if an electronic cigarette (ecig) is the answer.

The Public Health Exec UK in August 2015 stated:

"Electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking"

Since 2013, Vape and Juice have been helping people say goodbye to the old cigarette, and gradually reducing their nicotine cravings with electronic versions. As a business that has seen phenomenal growth through word of mouth, we can produce countless examples of men and women who for 20-30 years have smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day and since vaping haven't touched a fag since. As well as the health benefits of quitting smoking, the financial savings are pretty rewarding too. 

From pregnant women, to diabetics, heart disease sufferers and just your average joe, vaping is fast becoming the unofficial champion of smoking cessations products. Stoptober is a 31 day campaign to give those who want to try quitting smoking, a supportive environment. This year we will be making leaflets available promoting the NHS campaign at our points of sale. We understand vaping may not be for everyone, but our mission as a brand is to make the country a little healthier; so while we advocate vaping, the NHS pamphlets will also suggest a number of other techniques to quit smoking if you want to consider your options. 

Our ecig store philosophy is to help people quit smoking. You can find us in Enfield, N21, London; Canterbury, Kent; Clacton, Southend, Southchurch, Leigh on sea and Colchester in Essex. As the region's largest independent vaping and electronic cigarette retailer, come down to one of our shops and chat to the professional ex smokers who make up our staff. Come and try the devices and eliquid juices that make up vaping for free and find out whether it's an option for you, all in a pressure free environment. We want you to quit smoking, but we want you to leave knowing you have made the right decision, so come down and pick our brains. Our product ranges cover all ends of the wallet spectrum, whether you are on a budget or fancy something flash in your handbag we have starter kits from £10 and advanced kits too. From cheap ejuices to premium and gourmet brand eliquids from the UK and USA only, we aim to offer the best customer service, after care and of course prices that match the internets'.

This Stoptober, will you be quitting smoking for good?


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