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DIY Customised Eliquids from Vape and Juice Shop UK

Do you want to choose your nicotine strength and PG VG concentrations a little more personally?

Vape and Juice are now offering personalised 30ml Mount Baker Vapour eliquid, in nicotine strengths from Zero mg, (0mg) right through to 18mg. To begin with, this is a service offered on 10 ejuices, including Caramel Apple, Candy Cane, Thug Juice, Solar Flare, Moo Juice, Razzleberry, Caramel Coffee among others. As well as being able to choose the nicotine strength of the juice, we can let you select from 5 different variants of PG/VG ratio. So whether you are after 50/50, or want to head straight for the clouds, with a Max VG ejuice, check out our customised Mount Baker Vapour section and build your own.

These juices are made to order and will require steeping time. For more information on how to steep, head on over to our blog post, or check out our steeping video to find out more.

Our DIY Eliquid is a cheap ejuice option for high quality premium vape juices. Alternatively, you can pop into our stores in Clacton, Canterbury, Colchester, Southend and our shop in Enfield, North London and place your order in person.

David Mason

I'm the founder of Vape and Juice and the face behind Vape and Juice TV on Youtube. When I'm not stealing Heisenberg from the warehouse, I give retail advice on Deathground's Retail Podcast and the Vape News related Cotton and Kanthal Show, on Spotify and Apple. I began vaping in 2009 and have been involved in the industry since 2013. Contact me on LinkedIn.

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