How to spot a fake Sony or Samsung 18650 Battery

David Mason

How do I know if my Sony VTC battery is real or fake?

Fake batteries are deadly, simple as that. Too often online and some offline vendors are happy to import cheap batteries with a brand name in the thought they have clocked onto a great supply line that can boost their profit margins. Without knowing the true audit trail or origins of the power packs you supply, you are in danger of destroying people's lives. Its fake batteries that are the cause of most negative ecig headlines. We only stock 18650 batteries from within the UK from a fully insured originator who monitors battery safety and carries out testing.

The most common fake batteries that have flooded Ebay, Amazon etc are the Sony VTC 18650 batteries. Its fairly easy to spot the fakes here as they are no longer being produced. If you see any for sale online, heres a tip - leave well alone. A lot of Chinese mannufacturers are currently taking generic cheap power cells and wrapping them in Sony VTC packaging. To the untrained user, they may look like the real deal, but the real ones are as common now as the Yeti.

At the moment we are seeing a lot of rewrapped Samsung 25r. This is one of the better copies on the market as Samsung are pretty well respected batteries in the first place. The key thing to note is the indentations on the top of the battery. Sony genuine VTCs have 2 whereas many of the fakes have one. The QR code on the battery will also help you identify the origin of the battery too.

Other points to spot to determine if the Sony VTC battery you have is genuine are:

  • Text Alignment - The genuine batteries have the printed text along the battery left aligned. 
  • Seam of wrap - Is there a nasty raised seam in the middle running the length of the battery. Fake beware
  • Negative Post - The genuine battery will have a completely flat bottom, with no raised outer edge of the battery. The raised bottom as seen on Efests etc (Efests are fine in our books by the way) are a sign of a Chinese Factory made battery, as this seems to be the norm out there. If a Sony VTC has a raised negative end, it queries where the battery was made. 
  • Positive Post - Is the top clean? A lot of fakes have a tendency to accrue a stick fluid on the top of the battery - you don't see this with the genuine Sony batteries, and may be a sign of a battery leak.

Samsung 25r - Is my Samsung 18650 battery real?

Samsung are becoming widely recognised as a good source of 18650 battery. They offer 22amp constant and 35 amp in pulse. Some testing has found them to operate up to 50 amp in pulse. They can be found in a pale powder blue colour and from early 2015, they have been producing the Samsung 25r in lime green. Like the Sony VTC range, you will see their text alignment at the base of the battery is left aligned also.

Why are fake batteries dangerous?

Without knowing what ampere the battery runs at, what voltage etc the user on an unregulated device is in danger of overheating the battery and causing an almighty bang, followed with an explosion and red hot shards of metal flying everywhere. When dealing with tanks and drippers that have varying levels of resistance etc different standards of 18650, 26650 et al batteries are needed. An unclearly marked power cell, is an accident waiting to happen - it also makes bad press about vaping that much easier to come by. Lets not make it easy for the main stream media to downtalk our beloved vaping. Buy legit.

Feel free to bring your batteries in to our Vape shop in Enfield, Colchester, Clacton, Southend Victoria Shopping Centre or Canterbury - so we can give them the once over and give you some peace of mind. We currently stock Samsung 25r 18650 and chargers for your rebuildable vaping shop needs.

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