Can I take my ecig on holiday? Vaping while travelling on an airplane discussed

David Mason

We get asked the following questions pretty often, so we thought it may be worth having a chat about the rules, regulations, laws and lack of them:

  • Can I take my ecig abroad?
  • Am I allowed to use an electronic cigarette on a plane?
  • Can I take eliquid or my vape kit through airport customs?
  • Is vaping allowed on a plane?
  • Can I vape or use an ecig on a train?

The short answer to these questions is - it depends on who you travel with. The reality is, there are no laws or regulations that prohibit (stop) you from vaping or using your ecig on a plane, train or automobile. Vaping is not smoking and is therefore not governed by any public smoking ban. But that doesn't mean some busybody with very little grasp of the benefits of encouraging people to quit smoking, may make up their own perceived ruling on the spot. Just as some pubs are more than happy to welcome you and your wallet into their establishment, others such as Wetherspoons, actively discourage it inside. This is the same for airlines, some airlines actively sell cigalikes or ecigs on board, while others float between allowing their use and banning them. 

We suggest that if you are looking to use your ecig while travelling, that a discreet option is considered and an eliquid that doesn't produce such huge clouds. For many people in this day and age, being sat on an aircraft and seeing a subohm Kanger or Aspire tank punching out thick clouds, at the front of the cabin, may cause some alarm and panic, especially if they can't see you using an ecig. Vape responsibly and considerate and you will often be fine. 

Taking items such as e-liquid through customs, is to be managed the same as any bottled liquid you carry on. You will have to pop it into a plastic see through bag for the video monitors to inspect it. Air pressure on board a plane can cause the juice to leak out of the bottles as cabins are a regulated air pressure environment, so it may be worth popping your spare ejuice into a sealable bag and stow it in the hold. As for your mod batteries or devices which are lithium batteries, airlines prefer you to have these in the cabin and not in the hold as any electrical fires from power sources are better managed where there is people around and not hidden away amongst tons of luggage.

Is vaping illegal in Europe - no. France, Italy and the Netherlands are big regions for ecig manufacturing, while others in the EU have their own public vaping policies, but there is no where in the EU that has banned vaping, so don't feel worried that you can't take your comfort blanket with you while on holiday. Is vaping allowed in the US? Yes it is, but Americans have in some States made vaping part of their public smoking bans and this means rules vary on a state by state basis. Once again, if in doubt, vape discretely or simply ask. None of us in the vaping community wants a bad impression of ecigs, so if you are in a public place such as a restaurant, try not to chuck clouds around other people. Act as if you were smoking and pop to a clear space and be courteous.

We hope this has answered a few questions on whether you can take your ecigs or eliquid on holiday and if you want to pop in to our vape shops in London, Kent and Essex and have a chat further, one of our store representatives will gladly help you. While you're in there, why not check out our range of best ejuices and eliquids, from the UK and USA, as well as our wide selection of mods, devices, starter kits and tanks.

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