How to avoid dry hits while vaping

David Mason

Have you ever noticed a burning taste while vaping? This is known as a 'Dry hit'. This is essentially, where the coil is heating dry cotton with little or no contact with ejuice. You will find this commonly when your tank or dripper has run low and is drying out; or when you have just replenished juice in the tank.

Depending on the type of ejuice you are using, you will find it takes a varying amount of time for the cotton wick inside to absorb sufficient juice. This is noticed more prominently with the higher VG and cloud chasing juices. VG is a great deal thicker than PG and therefore takes longer for it to travel along the cotton wick and into the reach of the coil. If you get a dry hit, just wait a little while and then take smaller puffs to draw more juice into the coil's reach. The taste should pass eventually.

Much of the negative reports online about any carcinogens found in ejuices, relate to dry hits. This is because with no juice to vaporise, you are simply burning the cotton, which creates the same chemical effect as smoking, albeit with a lot less toxins. Its good practice in this case then, to ensure you avoid dry hits and let clearomisers and tanks have time to absorb the juice before you get back to vaping.

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