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The Aspire Atlantis v The Kanger Sub Tank. Which one should I buy?

Sub Ohm vaping is something I'd heard about for quite a while now, but never really knew what it was until recently. So I googled it when I noticed Aspire were launching the 'Cloud Chaser' Atlantis tank; in between this and episodes of Big Bang Theory.

So for those still not seeing the light.... or the clouds, sub ohm vaping is where the resistance of the coil in your tank or clearo is less than 1 ohm. The average ego clearomiser is about 2.1 ohm. The lower this figure, the more vapour is produced and generally the better flavour hit you get. 
The Aspire Atlantis is a traditional tank with a really low resistance - 0.5. The kind of resistance you usually see while watching youtube videos of crazy Americans in vape shops with rebuildables chucking out a cumulonimbus. It's a tank for those wanting to make dragon puffs but who lack the mechanical handiwork skills. Launched at around £35 online it seemed to be sold out whenever I wanted one.  Now Kanger have brought their own into play too - its called the Kanger Sub Tank

So whats the difference between the two? 

The Kanger comes in about a tenner more expensive at the moment and does have the option to still build your own coils like you would with an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser). Thats it really. 
Some people love the Aspire brand and others the Kanger. Personally for me, having had nothing but pleasure using the Nautilus range, I'll be sticking with the path best travelled. Atlantis or Drip. My colleague Glen however is chugging away on his Sub Tank as we speak. I guess that's the beauty when it comes to vaping, there's enough variety for us all to have our favourites. Simply try both and see which you prefer. 

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