Upgrading a Vape Starter Kit - The London Vape Shop suggests... Spinner 2

David Mason

Once the savings from quitting smoking and starting vaping, start to show in your pocket, its time to invest in something a little better to ensure you get the best possible chance at cementing that switch.

So you've been using a simple electronic cigarette starter kit, perhaps one of Vape and Juice very own £10 starter ecig kit and now you wonder: 'What's next?' The team at the London Vape shop in Winchmore Hill, North London; suggest the Vision Spinner 2 battery, now called the Vapros Spinner 2. 

Vision is a long term manufacturer of medium budget ecig batteries and carries a respectable name in the Industry. Their leading product is the Spinner series of batteries, which offers the user the option of adjusting the voltage (A variable voltage ecig battery) to a range of fixed settings, with a twist of the base.

The Spinner 2 is an item stocked in all Vape and Juice stores in their Vape shops in London, Kent, Canterbury, Clacton and Southend, Essex. The battery life far exceeds many of the simple starter kits on the market which means you shouldn't be caught short while stuck in traffic or out and about away from your charger. The unit is rated at 1650 mH, which does mean it is little longer a device with a clearomiser attached than perhaps other kits; but this size increase is a common change when needing a longer life in your vapouriser. 

While it is perhaps longer than some may wish (12.45cm), it is slim and has a nice weighted feel to it, which emphasises the build quality of what is still a budget product. For those that are put off by the size, you may wish to take a look at our istick eleaf review here - a little more money but with a few more features. (A smaller box mod that packs a longer battery life)

This is a downside that isn't that great a problem and we find they not only sell well, but they have a following amongst some; which makes them purchase multiple Vision Spinners. The device carries a 6 month warranty and is compatible with a wide variety of tanks and clearomisers. We have listed the features in this review of the vision spinner 2 here for you to make up your own mind:

Improved and robust 1650mAh battery
Enhanced and solid PCB control unit 
Unique exterior coating for durability
Ergonomic spin dial for changing the voltage
Longer life span of recharges for the new upgraded PCB and battery cell
Operating Voltage (output): 3.3-4.8V Charging voltage(input): 4.2V / 420mA


124.5(L) * 16.5(D) mm W:61.8g


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