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Box Mods at Vape and Juice UK

Hey guys and welcome back to the world, after a Chistmas and New Year break/blowout/breakdown. It's 2015 and for those who have had a look over our Vape and Juice site, you will notice some new additions to our pages. This includes the Egrip 20W Mod, the Pioneer4You IPV2X and the Kamry 30W wooden carved tube mod. There is a review here for you to check out if you want to know more about the Egrip box mod:

The Egrip has a built in tank, which requires a few specialist components - we will be adding these to our site this week and will have them in stock by the weekend. We have noticed a distinct lack of sites offering the spare coils in the UK, so are prioritising bringing these in for you. The Egrip tank's coils is referred to as the RBA coil deck - yes you can rebuild on to it. If the Egrip isn't your thing, then check out our review on the iStick by Eleaf. You can read it here:

From all of us at Vape and Juice, have a great new year and come see us in our choice of vape shops in Enfield, London, Essex, Kent and Clacton - or keep following our Professor Vape's Blog.   


David Mason

I'm the founder of Vape and Juice and the face behind Vape and Juice TV on Youtube. When I'm not stealing Heisenberg from the warehouse, I give retail advice on Deathground's Retail Podcast and the Vape News related Cotton and Kanthal Show, on Spotify and Apple. I began vaping in 2009 and have been involved in the industry since 2013. Contact me on LinkedIn.

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