Quit smoking, start saving - how much money does vaping save?

David Mason

Quitting smoking is seriously good for your health, but there is another side effect associated with swapping cigarettes for ecigs - it's seriously good for your wealth.

With a box of 20 cigarettes costing between £6.50 and £9; the equivalent in ejuice will cost around £4. This means a weekly spend of £45 versus £4. A 90% fall in spend is a seriously good side effect of ecigs. In all the talk about needing evidence to find out the effects of ecigs, this point is curiously left out. Big tobacco companies don't want you knowing this, nor does big pharmaceuticals with their expensive NRT (Nicotine replacement therapy) treatments. The success of nicotine patches, Chantix and other well known quit smoking treatments fail in comparison when you look at the numbers of people quitting or cutting back smoking by vaping. This statement is supported by the Boston University Study accessible here:

"In a six-month follow-up survey of 222 first-time purchasers of electronic cigarettes, researchers from the Boston University School of Public Health found that 31.0% of respondents reported having quit smoking. This compares favourably to an average six-month abstinence rate of between 12% and 18% for NRT products."

Annual spend for smokers based on numbers of cigarettes smoked per day compared to ecig spend:

5 cigarettes a day: £624                                 Ecig Spend: £52         Saving of: £572   per year

10 cigarettes a day: £1248                              Ecig Spend: £104       Saving of: £1144 per year

15 cigarettes a day: £1872                              Ecig Spend: £156       Saving of: £1716 per year

20 cigarettes a day: £2496                              Ecig Spend: £208       Saving of: £2288 per year

This is based on a box of cigarettes at £6.50 - This figure jumps significantly where a box of 20 is priced at £8+

When you consider that what you spend has already been taxed from your payslip, that £2500 you may currently spend on cigarettes per year, is closer to £3,000+ of your salary; the savings are staggering. So if you want to quit smoking this new year, why not do something that will have an obvious benefit to your pocket too.

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Save money with vaping today.


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