Need a Christmas gift idea

David Mason

As the January Quitting season draws in on us once more, this year make it one that sticks for your loved ones or mates, by paying it forward. Yes we have stolen a cheesy phrase from a Hollywood movie but trying to think of a Christmas gift idea for those close to you makes December shopping a nightmare for most. If you have quit smoking with ecigs, then what better way to spend your Christmas shopping money on someone you care about who smokes, than changing their life forever.

Pretty bold statement yeah? We can back that up with thousands of customers who would vouch for it.

With our range of starter kits from £10 and more deluxe versions such as the Kamry K1 at £20, we have a range of ideas to suit all budgets and tastes. From the Kamry X7 at 29.99 or the Innokin 134 MXP lightsabre at £90 if you're one of those lucky types that picks up a christmas bonus.

If it's too cold to venture out, you can always order online and if you have any issues feel safe in the knowledge that you can pop into one of our stores for help and guidance. Try sending back unwanted Christmas gifts through ebay and amazon!

Our business prides itself on stocking something for everyones pocket and stocking. Low cost ecig starter kits and advanced vaping devices. If you have some time off before the big day, pop down to one our vape shops in Canterbury or our new ecig shop Enfield, North London. 

We can also be found in Southend, Southchurch and Clacton very soon.

Click the text here to check out some of our devices on offer in the store or online.

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