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Cloud chasing and Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub Ohms? 
Dragon coils?
Quad coils?

Many may have heard these terms in the vaping community, but not be very familiar with them. Whenever a vaper asks how to experience the big plumes of vapour that YouTube videos display; more often that not the answer is filled with confusing terms. This post doesn't want to detract from the hobbyist fun that many of those in our community enjoy; instead we wanted to let you in on a secret. 

Aspire Atlantis.

The first sub-ohm tank on the market, that means low resistance and more power to your ejuice, huge vapour and it operates just as any generic tank would. With all of the same benefits of the Aspire Nautilus range, such as phenomenal airflow control and leak free operating, the Atlantis and its interchangeable coils, offer the experience of an RDA/Dripper but with a simple to use set-up.

Rebuildable drippers, are called as such, as the user needs to regularly replace the wool/cotton and wrap coils themselves. This is a little beyond most people's patience to sit and learn, so those great guys over at Aspire have made the perfect solution. 

With a low resistance you can expect your juices to drain a little faster, but you will find you can bring the nicotine content down a notch at the same time; which is a definite bonus. Operating at 0.5 ohms (Anything less than 1 ohm, is referred to as sub-ohms) you will need to make sure the device you are working with can handle this type of tank - don't start attaching ego batteries; this baby is meant for mechanical mods. The Kamry 100 range that we stock will work just fine as will any of the higher power box mods, such as the Legend V and HANA Modz. Panzers and the Hades style 26650 mods will do also. The Hades is just in, we've got it in stainless steel and is £30. It will require a 26650 battery which is on the way too. 

The Aspire Atlantis will be stocked in all of our Vape and Juice shops in London, Enfield; Southend; Canterbury and Clacton. It hits the shops this weekend.

Sub-ohms we might see you then.....

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