Ecigs helped you quit smoking? Pay it forward with a Christmas gift idea

David Mason

If ecigs have you helped you quit smoking, why not spread the word to a loved one and double it up as a Christmas gift idea. With our starter kits from £9.99, it makes a great stocking filler, in a range of colours, blue, pink, black or white, there is a style to suit most trends. (Pictured left)

If you looking to spend a little more, the Kamry X7 Starter kit is a sturdy variable voltage set. It comes with a reinforced carry case and a chrome and glass tank. The build quality is ideal for those that tend to clatter their ecigs about. Available in silver and black and priced at £29.99, this is one of best selling mid range devices. (Pictured centre)

Finally for those with long term smokers amongst their Grandparents or folks, the Kamry K1000 epipe, (pictured right) is a great looking ecig version of the classic smoking pipe. £39.99, with a carry case, battery and wall charger.


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