'Quit smoking, start vaping'

David Mason

19% of the UK population smoke and each year many of those try to quit smoking. Most of those will have fallen back to bad habits within a week. Traditional methods of smoking cessation fail to provide an effective replacement to the 'habit' and instead focus only on the nicotine therapy.

Electronic cigarettes, or 'Vaping' meets that tactile requirement that patches cannot compete with. From the harmless water vapour that mimics the visual aspect of smoking, to the hand to mouth fixation that comes part and parcel with a cigarette, vaping is proving to be a highly effective method of stubbing out cigarettes for good.

80% of users of ecigs, report a decline in tobacco intake, or packing it up altogether. This is why Vape and Juice saw a need to establish a bricks and mortar store, that allows smokers to visit and try for themselves whether vaping is the way forward. We focus on quality products, service, range and pricing. Our staff are well trained and we maintain a strong focus on quality control toward the brands we stock. 

This month sees the launch of our first London store, in the postcode of N21, the London Borough of Enfield.

Located at 12 Wades Hill, a match stick throw from the vape friendly Kings Head pub, we invite smokers to come in and try our products out for free. With a selection of ecigs to suit all budgets, and flavours for all taste buds, we are confident this New Year, you won't be going back on your resolution to quit.

Whether you are after a tobacco flavour, menthol or something on the sweeter side, our range of UK and US produced juices will fit your needs. For the more experienced vaper, we stock mechanical mods, tanks, rebuildables and replacement parts. 

Open this weekend, pop by or tell a friend who should know.

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