Where can I vape?

Glen Waters

Where can I vape is a common question asked of us in the shop. After some ludicrous stories of individuals barred from vaping zero mg nicotine at a local beach front restaurant, we have decided to build a list on the site.

Open to comments and feedback, we can gradually grow this list beyond our locale and help us all know exactly which public venues, cafes and bars etc are vape friendly or anti-vape.

Recently JD Wetherspoon pub chain announced they would ban individuals from vaping indoors as it:

a.)Either looks like a cigarette

b.)Could confuse other customers

or c.) Please insert your own ideological based nonsense instead of science.

Meanwhile, the enterprising pub chain, Enterprise Inns has welcomed the electronic cigarette, realising that drinkers remaining indoors are easier to manage from a security standpoint, more likely to go back to the bar and spend and are almost certainly heavier in the pocket department as a result of not spending money on expensive tobacco. Thumbs up to the head of marketing at Enterprise Inns at what has been a tough period for UK pub chains.

Generation Y and Millenials hardly look upon the Wetherspoons chain as a trendy nightspot these days and this flawed move to possibly win some press and ban e-cig users, is really just bad brand positioning. They should look to headhunt the Enterprise Inns team.  

NB: All items will be based on inbound feedback from our staff, customers or those associated with the premises in question. If you contact us to list your business we will send you a snazzy Vape Friendly sticker to place wherever you feel fit. 

Being as we are based in Southend-on-sea in Essex we shall begin with Southend.

If you wish to add your business's name to this Vape friendly list please tweet us at:

@vapeandjuiceuk or send us an email through the site


Pro-Vape Establishments in Southend


The Roslin Hotel, Esplanade, Southend on sea -

Cliffords Coffee Shop, 785 Southchurch Road -


Element Nightclub, 13-17 Alexandra Street, Southend on sea -

Mansion Nightclub, 9 Elmer Approach, Southend on sea -

Mayhem Nightclub, Warrior Square, Southend on sea -

Churchills Nightclub, 7 Tylers Avenue, Southend on sea -


The Exchange Pub, 659 Southchurch Road, Southend on sea -



Currently with an Anti-Vape Policy in place:


The Last Post - Southend High Street

The Elms - Leigh on Sea

Parsons Barn - Shoeburyness

Ocean Beach - Southend Seafront

C2C Railway platforms and carriages




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  • The Exchange pub in Southchurch Road seems to have no issues with people using electronic cigarettes in the bar, with the exception of the eating area.

    Sarah J on

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