Electric hookah pipe adaptor for sale

Glen Waters

We took in delivery today of two very snazzy little objects that slip on the top of any conventional shisha pipe/hookah pipe to convert the smoking trees into electric hookah pipes. Originally we bought these two for customers to have a play on, while they are hanging about the shop, but we are so chuffed with how nifty these adaptors are, all we can say is: "ELECTRIC HOOKAH PIPE FOR SALE"

We will have the adaptors online very soon and they are also available in store retailing at £59.99. Postage is on us. We shall upload photos as soon as we have them, in the mean time keep glued to @vapeandjuiceuk our twitter account for regular updates of new items we are testing in store, or join our newsletter. We don't like spam ourselves, so we make sure if content is being sent out, it better be relevant. The guys from FreshSpace3 our PR team, came in today to try the items out with us, you can read about their thoughts at:

They had something to say to on the zero mg nicotine debate; it seems you can take the tobacco out of smokers, but you can't take the nicotine out of vapers. Electric hookah pipe adaptor for sale £59.99 - email us at if you wish to pre-order.

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