The Lord of the Vape - TPD and the EU battle that Brexit fans think we can win

Damian Way

You will have to excuse the reference to the Lords of the Vale of Game of Thrones, but this week has seen House of Lord's member Lord Callanan take his fight over the TPD, the EU's tobacco and electronic cigarette legislation to the trenches. It's Vape War guys and it's conscription time. Do it for Kanger and Country.

As an advocate of the electronic cigarette and eliquids of strength greater than 20mg (Thats 2% dilution per little liquid bottle), the member of the Lord's has launched a campaign to block the European Commission led ruling from becoming enacted in UK law.

If you want to find out why the TPD is largely unpopular, we have written extensively about it in the links below:

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The TPD stands for the Tobacco Products Directive and was written as a way of harmonising tobacco products across the European Union. The regulations have managed to gobble up vaping and electronic cigarettes and is now about to change the way you vape and what you vape.

In a veiled attempt at stopping the massive loss of tobacco tax revenues to member states, the TPD has been promoted by the EU and their pharmaceutical giant friends (See Big Pharma caught out as a way of preventing electronic cigarettes from 'normalising smoking to children'. If you ever want a way to encourage children to do something - tell them not to. Smoking has been a problem amongst children far longer than electronic cigarettes have been around, the notion that vaping is the cause, underlies a flaw in their argument. My own father hasn't even heard of Google, let alone know what vaping was - he did however start smoking at age 9. He's 70 years old. 

So whats the problem with vaping?

In 2004, tobacco related illnesses cost the NHS in the UK £1.1 billion. Thats a big drain on resources...... BUT WAIT

In 2004, tobacco generated £10 billion in revenues for HM Treasury - breathe a wheezy sign of relief. 

So smoking makes governments a big deal of money. Anything that takes that away, particularly from emerging European member states, is a big worry to the EU's financial stability. If smoking ceased to exist, the level of financial bailouts across the European member zone would be staggering. 

Now there is another problem too, big pharmaceutical companies have spent years building a market that offers smoking cessation products. They have also spent a good deal of taxpayers money through Research and Development tax breaks too, doing it. The only problem here is the success rate. averaging around 5%. YES 5%.

The industry in the UK alone was worth £136million in 2013. That is a lot of spending on NOT a lot of success. Mintel last year let us know how that markets looking - and its falling by significant percentage point margins. Mintel drew strong correlations with the growth of the electronic cigarette market and the decline of Big Pharma's smoking cessation sales. (Check out our vape and ecig shop in London, Essex, Basildon, Canterbury, Enfield, Southend, Leigh on sea, Colchester, Clacton - shameful keyword plug)

So here we have two very wealthy, well connected and therefore powerful groups of people with a vested interest in muting the rise of the electronic cigarette industry aka Vaping. The TPD was a regulatory framework built over 8 years, with the lion share of the dossier focused on regular tobacco products. It's outlawing the sales of 'Ten Decks' as it feels making smokers buy more cigarettes and spending more money will help them cut back. (Or make them more addicted, poorer and create more tax revenues!) It has outlawed menthol cigarettes and a host of other items - some of these are very valid moves. However, despite spending close to a decade investigating a slowly changing product range, it devoted little more than a year to electronic cigarettes, which have changed drastically in style, delivery and safety since the studies were done. In short, the TPD focus on electronic cigarette products is not only out of date, it makes little sense.

From this November in the UK as a supplier, we can no longer order in 30ml eliquid bottles to sell, and tank sizes must be beneath 2ml in capacity. Eliquid strengths must be 20mg or lower. So if you feel strongly about these rules and you want to ensure the product that helped you quit smoking is worth saving, then be a massive gem and sign this petition here:

In the meantime, Vape and Juice will continue to stock high strength nicotine eliquids as before, tanks with a greater than 2ml capacity and cheap and premium flavoured eliquid and ejuice 30mls and greater. If you want to stock up or just find out about vaping before the door could close on this electronic cigarette Nirvana, come down to one of our taste labs and check out our range of UK and US ejuices, mods, 18650 batteries, drippers and much more in our bricks and mortar vaping (vape) and ecig shop stores in, Enfield, North London, Highgate, Archway, Basildon, Southend, Leigh on sea, Colchester, Clacton and Canterbury, Kent.

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