Why does my vape taste burnt

Becky Spencer-Davies

Why does my vape taste burnt?

Why does my vape taste burnt, is a common question for vapers new and experienced alike. Often its down to a few reasons, which we will go into more detail below. From your liquid, to your coil, to your wattage or to priming. That question "Why does my vape taste burnt?" is one we hope to answer for you below.

why does my vape taste burnt

You’ve just got yourself a new juice, in the shop it was smooth and tasted fantastic. However, once you’ve loaded up your device with the new juice it feels like you’ve just inhaled razor blades, it tastes and smells like burning.

It will leave you asking, why does my vape taste burnt, when I only just filled it up?

Burnt hits are horrible.

There are a number of reasons why your vape may have a burnt taste, and it isn't always just when you set up a new juice and coil. Check out our reasons why your vape tastes burnt so that you can avoid that throat clutching feeling.

Why does my vape taste burnt?

  1. The coil wasn’t primed

It’s exciting getting a new flavour, and you might be tempted to fill up and go. Be patient and take time to prime your coil by dropping some of the eliquid onto the wick holes. Then fill up your tank and let your device rest for about 30 minutes to ensure that it is fully saturated. Be sure to prime every coil or you will risk wasting a brand new one.

  1. Turn down the Watts

If you have a device with the ability to alter the wattage then try turning it down a little. If you are vaping at a too higher wattage for your coil then you will be very likely to burn it out.

  1. Too much VG for your device

Another reason for a burnt taste when you vape could be because your ejuice may contain too higher of a VG for your device to handle. Try a lower VG ratio or ask in store for advice on which liquid you should use. See our juices here. 

  1. Your coil needs changing

An old coil will give you those horribly burnt hits. Make sure you keep on top of cleaning your coils with warm water, and changing them every few weeks or more.

  1. You need more juice in your tank

Keep your tank topped up and don't let it run dry. A near empty tank will result in the wicks drying out and burning up.

If you'd like any more advice on why your vape tastes burnt then drop by one of our stores where our staff will be able to assist you or use our live web chat, we always available... 

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We hope you enjoyed our blog piece, "Why does my vape taste burnt?"

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