Why do people vape?

Why do people vape?

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Becky Spencer-Davies, 04/03/2019 

Generally people vape as a way to quit smoking. Vaping has been said to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, with that statistic in mind it is no wonder people vape. But why do people vape instead of nicotine patches or gum? There are numerous reasons why people would choose to vape rather than use other quit smoking methods. In this blog we are going to explain a few reasons behind why people vape.


Vaping allows you the nicotine you crave, while letting you keep up the action of smoking. Being addicted to cigarettes is more than just nicotine addiction, it is habitual. Vaping allows you to keep the habit, without the harmful chemicals. 


Another reason why people might vape is because of the community it has created. Vape shops often host events and workshops, from building your own coils to e-sport events and quiz nights. This sense of community is a real pull for some people to quit smoking and start vaping. It helps you to meet new people with similar interests, and quit smoking at the same time. 


Enjoyment is a reason why people vape. There are literally hundreds of flavours on the market, along with various vape kits so you can tailor your experience. Finding the flavours you love, from your all day vape to your occasional vape can be a really enjoyable experience.


Vaping can easily become a hobby. You might want to build your own complex coils, or maybe you fancy yourself a mixologist. If vaping is your hobby then you’d love the community side, where you can talk to like minded hobbyists about coils, juices, kits and everything in between. At Vape and Juice our staff are always up for a chat! Find our stores here. 

People might start vaping as a means to quit smoking, however there is more to vaping than that. It is enjoyable and has a whole community behind it. You will quickly discover just how beneficial vaping can become for your health and even your social life.

If you are just getting started with vaping and are not sure what you need, then chat to us online or in store. Or, check out our selection of the best starter kits. 

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