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Y ou may have heard about CBD amongst friends, family or in the news. Its a confusing area for many, including whether or not it's legal and does it work? Well it is legal, CBD is taken from the Hemp plant, which is related to the Cannabis family, but doesn't contain any THC. THC is what gets you high. CBD is the flower on the Hemp plant that while it looks the same, is supposed to have a number of health properties. From anti-depression, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation and helps to fight free radicals. We have listed below a number of items that are worth taking a look at, for getting started with CBD. 

Where to start?

If you aren't a vaper, you may wonder why CBD is appearing in so many vape shops around the world. Well this is because initial research suggests, that CBD is more 'bio-available' when vaped. Being bio-available, means that your body is able to absorb it easier. This is because CBD inhaled into the lungs, gets into the blood system that much faster than being sat in your stomach and mixed with your body's digestive fluids. That said, it's reasonable that many won't want to get into vaping but still want to try CBD. So item 2, is a CBD drops recommendation. These are taken orally and dropped on the tongue, or in your cup of tea. No vapes required. If you want to give the vape CBD a go,then you should find our CBD vape kit recommendation and full spectrum CBD eliquid idea of use. Read on:



If you are looking for an easy to use but great quality CBD vape kit, without spending a ton of money, the Vape and Juice Athena Pod Kit is what you need! The compact design and USB charger makes it a really portable device. Featuring refillable pods to top up with CBD eliquid. 

This device is not harsh in its taste and it is discreet and easy to store. As it's inhalation activated, it works great for those with hand and dexterity issues. It is very low maintenance and the battery life means you can vape all day before charging! 




 CBD Drops come in many forms, we offer a range of full spectrum CBD drops, from 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg. These are made from CBD distillate and are infused with Terpenes. This means our CBD tinctures don't just contain CBD they also include the added benefits of the hemp plant that create the entourage effect. 

Made with Grape Oil, these offer a sustainable source of base solution, which is also high in vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that is said to have it's own benefits by fighting free radicals, said to be responsible for Cancer, Heart Disease and other chronic illnesses. Vitamin E is also good for skin and hair. 




Full spectrum CBD eliquid is a commonly hunted CBD vape juice term on Google right now. What is it? Well it's a vapable CBD eliquid that contains original extract from the hemp plant as well as CBD. This means it contains infused Terpenoids aka Terpenes. Why are they good? Well they offer what is known as the 'Entourage effect'. 

Dutchie Originals is a 250mg full spectrum CBD eliquid in 10ml, with the authentic flavour from a specific Terpene. Blue Cheese here is one of 5 different flavours, including the eponymous AK47, Purple Haze, Mango Haze and Pineapple Express. These are 2.5% CBD with 5% Terpenes. 

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What CBD E-Liquid?

Vaping CBD means vaping zero nicotine, and instead vaping CBD infused into a vapable liquid called Propylene Glycol. Nicotine has a potentially damaging effect on the quality of the CBD, so be mindful to only vape specialist CBD eliquids. We have thrown you some recommendations below. 

What determines which one to go for, will depend on your personal CBD needs, and whether you want no flavour, something fruity or something more like the Cannabis plants you may be familiar with. We are often asked: "How much CBD should I get?" Well this is a tough question to answer, and we suggest starting off lower and working your way higher if you need to. Most standard CBD comes around 100-200mg. 

We have a broad range of flavours from a number of brands, check out these below or search CBD in the search bar for our full list:  

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