Can I Vape in Spain?

Will vaping in Spain be OK?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 06/06/2019 

Heading off to Spain or one of the Spanish Islands this summer? Wondering can I vape in Spain? This blog is going to tell you everything you need to know about vaping in the country and how to travel abroad with your kit. We don’t want you to get in trouble for vaping where and when you shouldn’t. We also don’t want you to suffer from any dreaded leaks of your favourite vape juice.

Can I vape in Spain openly?

Vaping in Spain is not illegal. However, you may find that there are some restrictions for where you can pull your kit out. In 2010 Spain adopted strict legislation to ban smoking in public spaces, such as bars, restaurants, clubs and public transport. Since then they have extended this legislation to cover the use of e-cigarettes. So as a rule of thumb, think anywhere you cannot smoke, you probably cannot vape.

If you are unsure about whether you are able to vape in a bar or restaurant it is always best to ask. If you have to step outside to enjoy the sweet and minty taste of Cool Crush from Doozy Vape then it isn’t like you’ll be out in the cold!

Can I vape at the airport in Spain?

Some airports, such as Dubai and Amsterdam, have little pods where smoking is permitted inside the terminal. In these pods you are also allowed to use your vape, however, it never looks like a nice place to spend too much time. Spanish airports don’t have these pods, well no Spanish airports I have found. You can check if your airport has a smoking pod here

You are allowed to vape in designated smoking areas outside the airport terminal before you go through security.

Can I get through Spanish security with my vape?

Yes. You shouldn’t have any issues getting your device through the Spanish or English security gates. As vaping is legal in both countries you will sail through, providing you pack it correctly. Ensure that your e-liquids and your device are in a clear plastic bag, with your toiletries. You may be asked to demonstrate what the device is, so make sure that you have enough charge in it to show the security if asked..

Where is the best place to vape in Spain?

Personally, I love nothing more than watching the sunset on the beach, tank full of Ripe Co. Watermelon, and a cold beer. Great way to finish a day in Spain. On this note, the worst place is probably by the pool. If you keep your device in the burning sun it isn’t going to be too happy. Keep it in the shade or up in your room during your sunbathing, save it for the sunsets.

Read our blog "Can I vape on the plane?" for more holiday vaping advice.

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