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Everything you Need to Vape Dubai

The rules and the products you can buy to vape in Dubai

Becky Spencer-Davies 

As of April 2019 vape, Dubai was made legal. You are now able to buy and sell e-ciggarettes over the counter. Before this date, buying and selling vape devices and e-liquids was illegal and could land you with a large fine. However, while buying and selling vaping is legal now, there are a few restrictions. In this blog, we will share everything we know about vaping in Dubai, from where to do it to where to buy it.

Restrictions for vaping in Dubai

Vape Dubai is legal. However, if you vape somewhere you shouldn’t you could face a fine of up to Dh2,000. The same laws apply for vaping as they do smoking. You will be unable to vape in places of worship, schools, universities, shopping malls or health and pharmaceutical facilities. If you are not sure whether you can vape in the location you are in, make sure you ask to avoid getting into trouble.

What vapes do you ship to Dubai?

All of the products listed on our website will be able to be sent to Dubai. We stock quality brands, including Aspire, SMOK, Innokin, PAX, Eleaf, Vappresso, Lost Vape and more. Whether you are after a pod kit or a big cloud device we have something for you. It isn’t just devices that we can send to Dubai. We also stock e-liquids and accessories. 

What e-liquids would be good to vape in Dubai?

You might fancy something a little bit fresh and fruity. How about trying Ripe Co. Watermelon. This is a mouthwatering melon with a hint of menthol on the exhale. Should help to keep you cool on those hot and dry days in the UAE. Another brand you might like is Doozy. Doozy has a range of flavours to keep your taste buds tingling, including Bubbly, to send you back to your childhood days of going to the sweet shop. It is sure to make you feel nostalgic when you vape in Dubai.

We ship products all over the world, from Israel to Canada and everywhere inbetween. Remember to read the rules on vaping in the area where you live or are going on holiday, read our tips on traveling with your vape

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