Should I Buy Vape Devices on Amazon?

Where should you shop for your vape kit

Becky Spencer-Davies 

When you are looking to quit smoking and start vaping, you may find yourself searching vape devices on Amazon. After all, this is where we buy so much of our items these days. From the books we read, the clothes we wear, to those random little gadgets you can’t find anywhere else. But does that mean you should buy your vape device from Amazon?

Should I buy vape devices on Amazon?

Of course, you can find some great brands on Amazon. Many of which we stock at Vape and Juice, such as SMOK, Aspire and PAX. If you’re a prime member you can even get them sent over the next day. This is also a service you’ll get at Vape and Juice, whether you are a prime member or not! 

There are a few things to consider when you are looking to buy vape devices on Amazon. 

Do you know what you want
Buying a vape kit can feel pretty daunting. There’s all this lingo that you’ll need to get your head around. Do you want MTL or DTL? Are you looking for cloud, flavour or a strong throat hit? Which device and e-juice will go best with this. These are all things you will want to know before you make your purchase.

Have you tried the device
Trying the device isn’t always necessary, after all, you can watch youtube reviews. However, there is something nice about seeing how it sits in your hand. Feeling the weight of it in your pocket. Of course, you’ll also want to see if the vape hits the spot. 

Can you ask them for advice 
Can you ask the seller on Amazon for advice there and then? On the Vape and Juice website, we have a chatbox where you can speak to a real person in real-time and get a quick response. In-store you will be able to try different devices, juices and ask all the questions you have about each kit. Our staff will help marry you up to the kit that will help you to quit smoking. 

Do you like packaging? 
Because Amazon certainly do!

So, should I buy a vape device on Amazon?

Always buy your vape kit form a trusted retailer. Make sure that the seller on Amazon has good reviews and a quality product. You don’t want to accidentally buy a fake! If you are not confident buying your vape kit from Amazon, but still want next day delivery, then shop at Vape and Juice and have your kit delivered to you the next day. Use our partner site and you can get certain devices the very same day. They can even be set up and ready for you if you wish!

SMOK Alien Kit - 220W - Devices

SMOK Alien Kit - 220W

£50.00 GBP £69.99 GBP
Aspire Zelos 50W Kit - Devices

Aspire Zelos 50W Kit

£35.99 GBP £54.99 GBP

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