Can you Vape CBD Tincture Oil?

Isn't it the same thing? No. Read on.

Becky Spencer-Davies 

Can you vape CBD tincture oil is a question we are often asked. After all, CBD oil is a liquid and looks kind of similar to e-liquid. Then there is the fact that you can get CBD e-liquid. So this might lead you to think that maybe you can vape CBD oil. We are here to tell you exactly why you can’t and certainly shouldn't. 

The differences between CBD tincture oil and CBD vape juice

Vaping CBD is one of the fastest delivery methods. However, this is vaping CBD oil e-liquid or CBD vape juice. This is not vaping CBD tincture oil. These are two very different substances, that you don’t want to be getting mixed up. I mean, you wouldn’t put garlic-infused olive oil in your vape device, would you?

CBD oil and CBD e-liquids both do contain CBD, however, they are specifically designed to be used in different ways. CBD oil tincture drops are to be used orally, whereas CBD vape juice is made to be vaporised and inhaled. 

When CBD vape liquid is created a thinning agent, such as PG, is added to ensure that it gets through your vape pen. PG and other thinning agents added to CBD vape juice are considered non-toxic, so if you got a drop of this in your mouth it would be ok, although not recommended!

Why shouldn’t you vape CBD Tincture oil?

When you heat CBD tincture oil it will not burn well and will taste horrible. It was not designed to be heated, it was designed to be ingested. As it will not contain the thinning agent that is in CBD vape juice it will not move through the device and into your lungs easily. As a result, this can gunk up your device and leave it in a horrible mess. Some tincture oils even contain alcohol, not something you want to be inhaling! 

Stick with the right stuff!

If you run out of CBD vape juice and just have oil left, then go to the shop or order some more CBD e-liquid online. Don’t clog up your device with the oil that is not designed to be vaped. They are not the same thing, other than the fact they both contain CBD. 

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