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 Tips for Traveling with your Vape  

Heading off on holiday? Read our traveling vaper tips

Becky Spencer-Davies, 25/03/2019 

Summer is approaching fast and no doubt you’ve got a couple of trips away planned. Whether you are off abroad or planning a staycation, you need to know a few top tips for travelling with your vape. This will ensure that you have a hassle free and smoke free holiday.

Check your destination

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Before you travel check that vaping is not banned in any way and that you can take it into the country. If it isn't banned then make sure you read up the specific rules that the country might have - for example no vaping in public spaces.

We’ve all heard that horror story of our mates mate getting everything confiscated at the airport. Check you know where you can and can’t vape before you travel to avoid losing your kit or getting a hefty fine.


Stock up on what you need

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 Now you know you can take your vape on holiday, you need to pack.

While lots of places these days have vape shops you can’t expect them to be everywhere. Vaping is still up and coming in many countries.

Be prepared with enough juice and coils to last you. We always advise to take more than you think you will need. No doubt you’ll be vaping more on holiday and getting through more than usual.

Pack right for traveling with your vape

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When traveling with your vape you need to pack it right. Be sure to keep your liquids in your carry on in a plastic bag, like you do with your shampoo.

You may be asked to demonstrate what the kit is, so don’t allow the battery to be flat incase. On a plane you need to have your device off, and if batteries can be removed then remove them. Keep the batteries in a battery case on the plane.


Empty the tank

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 If you are traveling on a plane empty the tank before you travel. The air pressure in the cabin can cause some horrible leakages. Not only is this a waste of juice it is a right mess.

Even if you are on a train or in a car, you might want to consider emptying the tank to avoid leaks.

Lastly, follow the rules. Don’t vape on the plane or on a train where it is banned. You can end up with a fine and cause distress to other passengers. Keep it out of the way so you are not tempted to stealth vape!

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