The Best Pod Vapes like JUUL

What is a Pod Kit and which one is best?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 04/03/2019 

Designs of vape devices have evolved over the years with advances in technology. We have gone from cig-alike kits, to refillable pens, to box mods with all the bells and whistles to pod vapes, like JUUL. However, the same remains, the best device is still the one that works to help you quit smoking.

In this blog we are going to talk you through some of the different pod vapes, that aren’t JUUL. We will share advantages of pod systems to help you decide if one might be right for you.


A pod system is a fairly new technology in the vaping world. It is a system which isolates the reservoir. This means that you can easily make the switch between flavours without changing coils or clearing out the previous flavour. This is particularly useful if you vape CBD, or if you like to switch flavours up regularly. 

We like pods that are refillable. We’re big on the environment here. However, you can buy pod systems such as JUUL which are closed. This means that you have to buy new pods from the manufacturer. This limits your flavours, availability, is more costly and impacts the environment as they are single use. Open pod systems can be refilled with your e-juice, ready to top up when you need it.



TThis neat and discrete little kit is a refillable 2ml pod system.

It might be small but don’t let that fool you. It has a 1000mAH battery, which should last you all day.

You can even adjust the airflow and customise your vaping experience. In the box you get a 1.0ohm breeze coil, which provides a smooth vape, perfect for those using nic salts. 




Slim, portable and light.

It is another refillable pod system that is easy to use and discrete. It has no buttons, you simply fire her up when you draw on the vape, very user friendly!

It has a 400mAH battery which can be charged up with a micro USB when you are on the go. Great for CBD e-liquids. 



A smart looking bit of kit this one. It is more in depth than other pod systems and there is a little more tech behind it. For example there is a lighting system which shows you the power output you have selected.

It has a built in 950 mAH battery which will give you about 450 puffs per charge. It pushes 40 watts, adjustable airflow and has a 3ml pod capacity, which again is refillable. 

These devices are all different to JUUL, however they each have their own unique benefits. If you are looking for a convenient vape where you can easily switch between flavours then a pod system could well be for you.

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