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Review: Unboxing the UWELL Blocks Kit?

We review the UWELL vape

Becky Spencer-Davies, 09/05/2019 


e’ve tried and tested lots of squonk mods here at Vape and Juice. This latest squonk mod, the UWELL Blocks kit, tackles some of the issues others have had. If you aren’t into reading the you can watch our UWELL Blocks vape kit review video.

What's in the UWELL Blocks box?

In the box you will find:

- Micro USB
- Screw driver
- Nicro coil
- Spare terminal heads
- 5.10 pin
- O rings
- Bag of cotton
- The device itself

The squonk bottle comes separately.

More features for the UWELL Blocks Kit

The e-juice in this squonk mod is pumped using a button at the top. This delivers the juice to the coil without you having to squeeze the bottle like with other squonkers. When you first install the e-juice you will need to do about 15 pumps before you toke.

The squonk bottle is made of a robust plastic. As this is not squeezed, due to the e-juice being delivered via the pump, it will not split. This is a common complaint with squeezy bottles. No one wants a hand full, or pocket full of e-liquid. It has to be said that this is a robust squonk kit, feels solid in the hand too.

There is a space on the side that displays how much e-liquid you have left in your squonk bottle.

There are different colour ways with this device. We look at the royal blue, but you also have the gun metal and black.

The UWELL Blocks kit is ready to go. It comes with everything you need to build your coil and get started. Obviously you can buy different cotton and materials, however this gives you a good start. The build deck is a pretty good size too. You’ll find there is plenty of room to build.

A Review Round-up

We like that it feels robust and has a solid bottle meaning there is less chance of e-liquid leaking out. It has to be said that this is a basic kit, but has everything you could need from a squonk mod. This could be good for you if you are getting started with RDAs and want to have a good bit of space to build.

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