Is CBD Legal?

Is CBD legal and can you vape it?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 05/12/2018 

CBD oil is made from pressing hemp flowers and leaves and is one of the 400 chemical entities found in the cannabis plant, and within the 60 cannabinoid compounds. We are often asked whether CBD is legal as it comes from the cannabis plant, something that isn't associated with being legal in the UK.

So is CBD legal?

The answer is yes, that is why we sell it in store as we sell it at our Vape Shop in Basildon, Pitsea area, and in all our stores across the UK.

Unlike the sticky cannabis oil, CBD doesn’t get you high. CBD oil has less than 0.2% of the psychoactive tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol (THC) and is therefore legal to use in the UK. The popularity of CBD oil is continuing to grow as people are discovering the many health benefits of using the oil to ease symptoms and pain.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

There are said to be many benefits to using CBD oil. CBD oil can help relieve:

- Depression
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Joint pain
- Cancer symptoms
- Anxiety
- Seizures
- Muscle spasms


Where can you buy CBD?

You are able to get CBD in a e-juice which can be vaporised in a vape device. This is available at Vape and Juice Basildon near Pitsea, and all our stores in the UK. 

While we don’t yet have a vape shop in Pitsea you can take advantage of our free delivery. Or pop down to your closest store 35 Eastgate Shopping Centre, Southernhay, just 2.5 miles away from Pitsea. Here you will find various flavours of CBD oil and will be able to hear more about our products and how CBD oil might benefit you.

We are open: 

Monday - Saturday - 09:00 - 18:00

Sunday - 10:00 - 16:00
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