How to get better flavour from your vape juice

How to get better flavour from your vape juice

How to get better flavour from your e- juice

Steps to become a flavour chaser! 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 20/10/2018 

Cloud chasing is pretty popular, and we love it here at Vape and Juice. However, there is more to vaping than puffing out dense clouds that fill up the room.

We’re talking about flavour.
In this blog we are going to tell you how to get better flavour from your vape juice to enhance your vape experience and enjoy your e-juice to the max. You don't have to build your own coils, unless you want to of course, to increase the flavour of your vape juice. There are actually some really simple steps you can take.

Here they are:


If you’re big into cloud chasing then you know that having a large airflow is a big factor. The more air through the coil may increase clouds, but it also reduces flavour. 

Reduce the airflow to enhance flavour and create a warmer environment for your e-juice.

However, if you close it off fully you might find that the vape gets too hot and gives off wispy vapour. Start off by gradually reducing the airflow until you find the perfect balance of flavour and cloud


When you are looking at how to get the best flavour from your vape juice you will want to adjust your wattage and temperature settings. This does mean that if you want great flavour and have a device that you can’t make adjustments to then you might need to invest in a new device for maximum flavour.
Every e-juice has the sweet spot of temperature and wattage, you just need to find it. Work your way up from the lowest settings to get there.


Keep your device and all of its components clean if you want to get the best possible flavour from your e-liquid.

Make sure you clean your coils, tanks and wicks evert few days. Giving them a good rinse and removing any gunk build up. Your juice will taste so much better and the flavour richer, when you have a clean device.

Also beware not to vape a burnt coil. This will completely ruin the flavour!


The coil you choose is directly linked to flavour you get from your vape device. Bottom coils are ideal as the e-liquid doesn’t have to travel up to the wicks. Or you could opt for a sub ohm coil which support coils under 1 ohm. If you want to get absolute maximum flavour from your vape then you might want to consider building your own coils which will allow you to customise your vape experience. 


PG does produce a slightly harsher throat hit, however it does have a slightly sweeter taste to it, compared to VG which is flavourless. It also carries the flavour better than PG based e-juice. You can find high PG juice here, many of which are a 50/50 mix and suit most devices.  

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