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All About Drip Vaping

A guide to dripping 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 30/09/2018 

What is drip vaping? Dripping, or drip vaping, is where you drip your vape juice directly on to atomizers coil. The reason for drip vaping is to fully enjoy the intense flavour of a premium e-liquid. Drip vaping isn’t for you if you are just looking to stop smoking and need the nicotine in a vape juice. 

Drip vapers enjoy the art and science of vaping. They are usually pretty experienced and work on mixing and dripping their own flavours to design a perfectly tailored vape. 

Who is Drip Vaping for?

Dripping probably isn’t for you if you are using your vape device to quit smoking. If you are addicted to nicotine then you will probably find that dripping is too long of a process to get your nicotine fix.
Drip vaping is suited for someone who wants to learn and perfect their dripping technique to enhance the flavour and feel of the vapour. 

If you are a hobbyist vaper or a cloud chaser then you will love vape dripping. It will open up conversations with other vapers, and will take your hobby up a notch. You can start building coils, learning the craft and art of vaping and really tailoring your vape.  

To start drip vaping you will need to invest in the right equipment.

When you first start dripping you don't nessesarily need to worry about building your own coils. You can buy pre made ones, then when you get more comfortable with the new style of vaping, and if you want to, you can start thinking about building your own coils.  

You will ideally need a drip atomizers, which is made for the purpose of dripping. Otherwise you might find that you cause your device to burn unevenly or even overheat.

Atomisers which are designed for dripping are easy to open for mess free dripping, have juice wells near the coils and airflow holes to make the vape more efficient.

Check out the Bonza 24mm RDA by Vandy Vape  

It’s actually very easy to drip vape when you have the right kit. Here’s all you need to do to drip vape.
1. Open up the drip tip to see the coils.
2. Drop a few drops of juice on the coil head, careful not to flood it with too much e-liquid. You’ll need a steady hand for this one!
3. Push your drip tip back and take a draw. You’ll notice a full flavour and fantastic throat hit. 
4. Repeat after a few puffs.   

If you are a keen vaper, have patience and are ready to enjoy a fuller, more flavoursome vape then dripping your vape juice might well be for you.

If you’re still not sure about how to drip, or which tank and juice would be best, ask us online, or drop into one of our stores.   

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