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Cotton and Kanthal Show - Vaping in the News #2


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Vaping news

In this week's Cotton and Kanthal Show we chat about vaping in the news, including stories from IVG and their potential lawsuit, news from Dubai on their vaping regulations, Squonking regs and e-liquid flavouring bans creeping into force and then we share some info on the devices we’re using at the moment.

UAE - Vaping in Dubai

In the news this week you might have heard that UAE are lifting the ban of the sale of e-cigarettes in the country. You may have been to Dubai over the summer and while you didn't have any of your kit taken off you, there is certainly an anti vape feel. However, UAE have finally brought into the fact that e-cigs can actually help people to quit smoking, something which will be a relief for their healthcare bill further down the line. Vape and Juice UAE? Watch this space.

JUUL - Smaller pods

JUUL will no longer feature 50mg nic salt pods after being deemed a hazard to public health in Israel. They will now only offer lower nicotine levels.

IVG Lawsuit

IVG, who make the vape juice Millions have come up in the news recently after a new vape juice company brought out a product called Trillions, which offered basically the same - a replica of the Millions sweet flavours. IPG caused issues with the new brand, after it “stole it’s branding”.

However, this backfired when the company who make Millions sweets noticed that IVG had actually used their branding.

There was a bit of a Twitter war around the subject, with Millions releasing a statement:

‼️ Important Announcement ‼️

“Dear Millions Fans

We are aware of some "millions" branded vape and e-cig products in the market place.

We do not endorse these products and they have been released into the market without our knowledge or consent.

We are working behind the scenes to get our millions brand removed from all vaping products.

We thank all Millions Fans for sharing their concerns.”

More on this as the story develops. 

TPD Squonking Bottles

Squonking bottles will be under regulations and you will need to have 2ml squonk mod.

As we know, with regulation there's innovation. We’re pretty sure that innovative vapers and creators will find a way around this new regulation to enable a larger ml squonk mod.  

FDA - Ban on flavours in nicotine e-liquids

Another regulation that gets right in the way of our vape experiences! In an effort, I guess, to stop kids being attracted to vaping, there has been more and more chat about a ban on flavourings in e-liquids. In a recent post on a proposed ban on e-liquids it was found that 95% of the comments were either fake or duplicates - possibly vape fans desperate for the ban not to go ahead! In San Fran they will only sell tobacco flavour. Not even a menthol. This won’t affect anyone who does DIY mixing, and we are pretty sure there will be some workarounds.

Nautilus AIO

This simple, little POD system is one of our favorite POD systems out there. You can fill it up with CBD, freebase nicotine juice, or nic salts. It is completely refillable and uses Nautilus coils, or a nic salts specific coil. The device has a 1000mAh battery and comes in at 12 Watts, so you’ll get a pretty decent go out of it before it needs charging up. It’s a solid looking device and comes in 8 metallic style colours. The Nautilus AIO is perfect for newbie vapers, as a second device, or if you just like something simple and stealth.

To watch the full episode, head over to our Youtube channel. 

Becky Spencer-Davies

I'm a writer, runner and biscuit lover. When I'm not writing about pens, pods, mods, coils and juices, you'll find me running in the hills fueled by cookies.

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