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Cotton and Kanthal Show - Vaping in the News #1


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In the first ever instalment of our new youtube show, The Cotton and Kanthal Show, we chat about vaping in the news, vaping in Dubai, Leibniz biscuits and the fantastic selection of snacks at M & S service stations.

Here’s the meat of what we spoke about for vaping in the news. If you want to hear more, including our favourite M & S service station snacks, then watch the Cotton and Kanthal Show here.

First up, vaping is set to get more expensive for America. This is down to China imposing a 25% tax on products sent to the country. This is going to have a particular effect on hardware, with brands such as Innokin, Smok and JoyeTech all being made in China. E-liquid shouldn’t be affected with a huge amount of liquids being made in the US and UK.

Also in the world of vaping this week there has been a proposal from China to ban vaping in public spaces. This is something that seems to be happening in more places in the UK too. You might have seen the signs popping up on the train “No smoking or vaping” or overhead the train tannoy or seen notices at the cinema saying “No smoking, this includes the use of e-cigarettes.”

There has even been chat about banning vaping in cars. But surely this has to be more of a visibility issue, if you were to puff out huge plumes of cloud it would be no different from driving with a car full of balloons. There is also the distraction that vaping could cause, if you were dripping and driving, or trying to plug the charger in while going down a country lane. No ban for vaping in your car has come in to play, but there are possible fines in place. 

In our show we chat at length about vaping in Dubai, and we share some tales of his experience of vaping and the country. Vaping isn’t illegal in Dubai, however there is no where that sells e-liquid or devices - yet.

Next topic was the letters which the FDA sent out to e-juice manufactures, asking them not to choose graphics for their bottles which resemble cake, cookies, sweets or cartoons. This is to avoid children thinking e-liquids are foods and mistakenly ingesting them. We don’t think that e-juice needs to have a cartoon or image of a related sweet/brand on it. If it’s good juice it will sell.

In Review


This week we review the JOYETECH BAT PACK Kit. This box mod uses two double A batteries, gives around 150 puffs per charge, has a 2ml tank and a 0.5ohm coil,1.85 volts. They’re limited to what the batteries can do.

We’re not too sold on this device, and not 100% in agreement. Good for the convenience of being able to be out and about and buy a battery if yours goes flat, but not so good for keep binning batteries and only getting 150 puffs per charge.

SMOK - NOVO Ultra Pod

We like this SMOK NOVO device. It is a Refillable POD System, weighs 400 grams, has a  2ml pod capacity- bigger than A JUUL pod. You can use a universal charging cable- a micro USB and has 450 mAh.

We’ve got a POD system coming out, the Vape and Juice Athena. This is very similar to the SMOK Novo, with a 2ml capacity pod, refillable pods and a micro USB to charge. Keep a look out for this coming soon!

That’s a wrap for this weeks Cotton and Kanthal Show. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for tricks, tips and news on vaping.

Watch the show here

Becky Spencer-Davies

I'm a writer, runner and biscuit lover. When I'm not writing about pens, pods, mods, coils and juices, you'll find me running in the hills fueled by cookies.

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