Cotton and Kanthal Show #6

Vaping in the News 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 07/11/2018 

It is episode 6 of the Cotton and Kanthal Show and we are talking about the nicotine market, companies in trouble and new products going online and into stores at Vape and Juice UK. 


First up this week we hear about how Philip Morris International have been in the press this month for a number of reasons. One being how the latest ad campaign “hold my light” which claims is designed to direct people to a website where they can create a profile and help other people quit while they do. People who sign up are giving permission for PML to contact them with information on their smoke free program.

Cancer Research UK slammed the campaign, saying “The best way Philip Morris could help people to stop smoking is to stop making cigarettes.” Read more here. 

Philip Morris International also made the vaping news after one of their employees was found to be taking people out and giving them free stuff with their IQOS devices. We also know that they offer shops incentives to pop posters of their smoke free devices in windows as a form of advertising - another thing that is not allowed in the tobacco industry. 



You might have been sent over an article that says “vaping is worse for you than smoking” recently, written by Dr Constaninos Glynos. This Doctor is an employee of Galacto Smith Kline, working in their nicotine department. We know that there has been a decline in the sales of nicotine patches, and this opinion/research is obviously very bias. Just be sure when you are reading the news, check who funded the study and who wrote it- then check who’s payroll they’re on!


The nicotine product market is estimated to be worth £852bn. 
NRT has 0.3% of the pie
Vaping has 1.5% 
Smokeless tobacco 1.6%
Smoking tobacco 89.1%

The Citadel RDA by Psyclone Mods will be online at Vape and Juice. This RDA has 2 airflow slots each side, is robust stainless steel and has a 22mm diameter base. 

Red and Black - If you are in to red rocket then you’ll like this. Red and Black is a high VG, Cherry aniseed version in a 100ml bottle. This is a great all day vape and is priced at £20.

Due to growing demand and their popularity, we have a new POD system coming in store and online. Orion DNA GO, from Lost Vape have created a powerful little POD. This POD can be plugged into a computer to enable you to change settings and make adjustments and tailor your vape. This device packs 40 watts, comes with two spare pods and has a great build quality. 

Finally, we chat about Vape Run, a same day delivery service from Vape and Juice.

Currently we are piloting the idea in London, soon to open it up to all of our store locations.

You will find the top 200 best selling products available for the Vape Run free same day delivery. 

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