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Cotton and Kanthal Show #4

Vaping in the News 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 10/10/2018 

We return this with more vaping in the news on the Cotton and Kanthal Show. We chat recycling, JUUL, tobacco companies buying smaller vape companies, brands releasing concentrates and hear Fred’s new word of the day, 


Starting the show with a conversation on everyone's lips at the moment, the environment and plastic in the sea. As a business that started out by the Coast we care about the sea, and with TPD’s banning 30ml bottles and demanding that we have to use 10ml bottles in packs of 3 has an environmental impact. There is no provision in the TPD for recycling. 

At Vape and Juice we have a recycle and reward scheme, where customers can bring in used juice bottles and their lids into store and earn points and ultimately cash on their loyalty card. They don’t have to have been purchased at Vape and Juice to earn you points either. This has been really successful so far with us recycling 2500 bottles since the scheme began.


Fred was astounded to hear how many companies have been brought out and are now owned by big tobacco companies.

The premium brand Cosmic Fog has been acquired by a subsidiary of Imperial Brands PLC. Titus Wouda Kuipers, Fontem Ventures’ Chief Executive Officer said: “We’re excited about this partnership with Cosmic Fog. Working alongside them shows our commitment to seeing the vaping category grow and prosper.”

Other brands being acquired include Vape Shark and Vivid. It does seem that rather than creating their own juices tobacco companies seem to be buying in to them instead.

The next vaping in the news story is about juices bringing out concentrates of their juices to allow people to mix their own PG/VG and nicotine.

IVG have just released one, as have Fizzy Juices and Horny. 

If you want to try mixing your own juices, click here to see our range.

At this time of year you will probably hear a lot about vaping in the news with it being Stoptober. We have noticed that more than ever vaping is an accepted route to quit smoking. With Public Health England are getting behind it too it really has made an impact. Fred tells us about the latest app which features a daily overview of how much money you have saved from quitting smoking. 

At Vape and Juice you can buy yourself a decent set up that will not only help you quit, but will give you a satisfying vape and will last. Spend £75 in store on coils, juices, and a device and you will get a £25 voucher during Stoptober. 

We know that £75 might sound like a big outlay, but how long would it take you to spend that on smokes? When you invest in a device you will be more likely to stick at it and it will cost you less in the long run. We reminisce over the C4 cleros and how many of those we used to sell compared to now. 



Lastly we chat about JUUL, the pod system that comes with 50mg non refillable pods and is doing pretty well in the US. This has prompted the US to put forward suggestions to stop allowing online sales for vape devices and juices to prevent under 18’s getting their hands on them.

While we don’t rate JUUL too highly with their disposable pods, it has to be said that they have got processes in place to help avoid making sales to under 18’s.

If you’re looking for a POD system one we really rate is the Nautilus AIO. This has adjustable airflow, take nautilus coils, is refillable and a great little device.


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