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Cotton and Kanthal Show #3

Vaping in the News 

Becky Spencer-Davies, 25/08/2018 

This week on the Cotton and Kanthal Show we hear about the latest vaping news, vaping dry herb and Stoptober. We also unbox the Aspire Revvo Feedlink vape kit and share our thoughts on the device. 

First up, let’s look at vaping in the news this week. 

India’s central government has called for a complete ban on Vaping, including the sale, distribution, possession and manufacture. As a result tobacco share prices have boomed. However it is up to individual states to make the decision, 7 of which have adopted the ban. So if you are going to India, or if you are a vaper in India, then keep up to date on the vaping laws.

In other news, the FDA have launched adverts to show in schools to help prevent teenagers from taking up vaping. We’re all for this, we don’t sell to under 18’s and the less people addicted to nicotine the better. 

Stoptober is starting in just a few days. It is the month where people have more support than ever to give up smoking. Public Health England have now included vaping as a way to quit smoking and have set up a website to help you find a vape shop close by you. 

We’ve decided to give customers who spend £75.00 in store on one transaction a £25 voucher to spend in store through the month of October. This means you’ll be able to stock up on juices and coils and be set for ages, helping you to finally give up the fags for good.

Next up on the Cotton and Kanthal Show we talk CBD Flowers.

The one that we stock is from High Society and is made to be used in a PAX, or dry herb vaporizer.

It is 1 gram and contains 11.4% CBD, or 114 milligrams. It won’t get you high, but you may feel relaxed from it. If you do find you are getting a buzz from CBD oil or dry herb then you might want to check where you are buying it from and that it doesn’t contain Spice. Make sure you are buying your CBD from a reputable store or brand. 


 We love a look through a new product on the Cotton and Kanthal Show and this week we are looking at the Aspire Revvo Feedlink vape kit. This is a sqonk kit, a dripper style device which soaks the wick from a bottle at the bottom when it is squeezed- no need to drip and drive!

It’s a nice and easy kit to use, has an extra glass chamber to for juice, an adjustable airflow, wide drip cap to stop it overheating and burning your mouth, comes with a spare ceramic coil, tank, base and glass. 


Final note on the Cotton and Kanthal Show, we tell you all about our next live event with Doozy Vapes. Doozy are launching a new Nic Salts product and are coming down to Vape and Juice Southend to let our customers be the first to try it out. There will be free samples, discounts in store all day and industry leaders there to chat to. Come down to see us and Doozy on the 13th of October from 10am, or if you’re not local we will also be on Facebook Live so you can check out the event and be one of the first to hear about the Nic Salts from Doozy. 

Watch the latest episode of the Cotton and Kanthal Show here


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