Combat Withdrawal From Nicotine

Becky Spencer-Davies
Combat Withdrawal From Nicotine
Withdrawal from nicotine can cause some pretty nasty symptoms. You might find when you go cold turkey and quit smoking that you suffer with nausea, headaches, being impossibly irritable, have trouble sleeping, gaining weight, to name a few. 
It is the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that stop people being able to quit the cigs. While they do subside over about four weeks it is often these tough weeks that lead people right back to an old faithful (but smelly) cigarette. 
It isn’t nicotine itself that causes the diseases associated with smoking, it is the chemicals that go with burning tobacco, nicotine just keeps you going back for more. 
This is where Vaping comes in to help you tackle nicotine withdrawal and avoid those cancer causing chemicals found in cigarettes. Vaping allows you to select your nicotine level depending on how much you smoke a day. Over time, if you want to remove your nicotine dependence all together, then you can reduce your MG of nicotine in your juice. At Vape and Juice we sell e-liquid with 18, 11, 6, 3 and 0mg. So you can start off high if you need to and reduce it over time. 
Reducing nicotine gradually will help avoid those nasty nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 
The reason why you’ll get withdrawals is because when you intake nicotine it binds to the nicotinic receptors which increases dopamine production. Your brain gets used to this and then depends on it to function. That’s why you feel like an irritated, angry beast when you give it up!
If you are interested in quitting smoking, stop by one of our Vape and Juice stores to get advice on which nicotine level and device is right for you. Or chat to us online! 

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