CBD Vaping Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure you have the best CBD vape experience!

Becky Spencer-Davies, 19/06/2019 

Despite CBD (Cannabidiol) being around for thousands of years, there are new ways to take it, which leads to confusion. We know it is possible to make some pretty big mistakes when it comes to vaping CBD. That is because it is still fairly new and not everyone is tuned in on what to do with it.

In this blog, we are going to tell you all the CBD vaping mistakes we have heard of, so you can avoid them. Knowing about these mistakes to avoid will save you leaks and your money.

Here are 5 CBD vaping mistakes to avoid

Buying big and not looking at concentration levels

OK, so you’ve found a great deal. 100ml of  e-liquid containing 25mg of CBD. Whereas a 10ml bottle containing 25mg is more expensive. This is because 10ml is more concentrated. 10ml will contain 2.5% CBD and the 100ml will contain 0.25%. So a big bottle might seem like a better deal, but not if it is too diluted to do anything. Don’t spend more on the volume of liquid, spend more on the volume of cannabidiol. 

Getting hemp oil confused with CBD oil

This is a vaping mistake we have heard too often. People buy hemp e-liquid thinking it’s a great deal on CBD. However, these are not the same. Hemp oil is much cheaper and does not contain much CBD at all. Which is why the price is so low. CBD oil is more expensive as it contains more of the cannabinoid.

Trying to vape CBD oil

Don’t vape CBD oil. Oil is oil, e-liquid is e-liquid. You wouldn’t go sticking garlic olive oil in your vape tank, so don’t do it with CBD either! 

Buying CBD containing nicotine

When nicotine is added to CBD it degrades it. If you find that your CBD e-liquid has nicotine in it, send it back. This is a waste of your money and a CBD vaping mistake to avoid. If you vape to help you stop smoking then keep a separate device and tank for your nicotine e-liquids.

Using a big kit

A CBD vaping mistake you want to avoid is using a big vape kit. If you use a kit with a big tank and coil your CBD is going to run out of the air holes. CBD is much thinner than high VG e-juice so it will be prone to leak in a device like this. The best thing to do is buy a pod kit or a basic starter kit to enjoy your CBD.

Watch our Youtube video on CBD vaping mistakes to avoid here.

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