Can CBD Help with Menstrual Cramps?

CBD might be just what you need this month

Becky Spencer-Davies, 29/04/2019 


BD has a pretty extensive list of the conditions and illnesses it can help with. On this list you’ll find anxiety, depression, inflammation, nausea, epilepsy, pain and more. If you suffer from menstrual cramps then you might be wondering whether CBD might help the pain that banishes you to the sofa once a month.

90% of ladies suffer with painful periods, also known as dysmenorrhea. This is the sort of pain that means you have to cancel plans or call in sick to work. It really can knock you back. There are lots of ways to relieve your cramps including hot water bottles, paracetamol, magnesium supplements and other pain relief drugs. There is also an alternative medicine that women have found to help with period pains and that is CBD. In fact, Queen Victoria was said to use CBD for cramps!

Will CBD help with period pain?

Symptoms of menstruation include: bloating, nausea, pain in the thighs and back, the over whelming desire for chocolate, sweating, dizziness, diarrhoea, cramps in the lower abdomen. Sounds great doesn't it. A right ball.

You will be glad to know that CBD has a number of properties that relate to helping relieve the pain of the process your body goes through every month. It can help to manage some of these symptoms.

Pain relief
CBD has been known to help to decrease pain sensations. CBD interacts with brain receptors which receive chemical signals. When the receptors react with the CBD they help to reduce the pain. People use CBD for their chronic pain and inflammation, so there is no reason why it won't help with menstrual cramps.

Anti inflammatory
CBD helps to reduce the production of prostaglandins. When the CB2 receptors are activated by the cannabinoid it prevents macrophages from releasing cytokines, which are inflammatory proteins.

Muscle relaxant
CBD has been said to relax smooth muscle tissue. It is smooth muscle tissue which lines the uterus and therefore can be relaxed using CBD. Not only that, but blood vessels are also lined with this smooth muscle tissue. When the blood vessels relax they increase blood flow, relieving tissues that are starved from oxygen.

Aside from this it can also help you to relax. So if you are feeling stressed, hot and bothered during this time you might want to give this a go.

How do I take CBD for menstrual cramps?

If you are not one to dose yourself up with paracetamols or ibuprofen then you might want to try a more natural approach. CBD is legal and can be vaped or ingested using tincture drops, capsules or even CBD brownies.

Eating CBD brownies could well be the way to relieve menstrual cramps! Follow our CBD brownie recipe and treat yourself next time you’re feeling those dreaded period pangs so you can get on with your life as normal. 

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