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Vape and Juice Charity Esports Event

Vape and Juice Charity Esports Event

Vape and Juice Charity Esports Event

Your favourite brands go head to head at our esports event

Becky Spencer-Davies, 22/01/2019 

On the 23rd of February we are hosting a charity esports gaming event at our store in Islington. Teams will be made up of all of your favourite vape brands, including Doozy, IVG, Dinner Lady, Grinny Heaths, Simple Vape Co. and more. Never mind about who's juice is better, let's look at who can score an absolute screamer on FIFA. 

The event is in aid of Mason Foundation, a charity which helps find ways to screen for cancer sooner.

What is ESports?

E-sports, also known as electronic sports has been going on as long as multiplayer online gaming has been.

These events are usually organised multiplayer video game competitions, between different players and teams.

For this event spectators can watch our event online, via Youtube, Twitter or Twitch, or come along to the store.


The E-Sports Gaming Event at Vape and Juice

At our esports event, your favourite juice brands are going head to head in an online tournament of games such as COD and FIFA.

We are going to stream the whole event on Youtube, Twitter or Twitch (@VapeandJuice), or you can come down to the Islington shop from 4pm onwards. Make sure you are subscribed to our channels if you want to keep up to date on how the tournament is going.
In store there will be freebies and samples for you to try from some of the best juice brands out there. 

The Raffle

In the lead up to the Vape and Juice esports event we are selling raffle tickets online for some pretty generous prizes. So far we have raffled off a dry herb vaporizer that retails at £75, and a CBD bundle.

Tickets are just £2 and are limited to just 30 tickets, giving you higher odds of winning. All of the money from the raffle tickets will be going straight into our Just Giving page for the Mason Foundation.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear what prize is next up.

Instagram: @VapeandjuiceUK
Facebook: @VapeandJuiceUK 

The Charity 

The charity we are supporting is an early cancer screening charity called the Mason Foundation.

This is a charity which helps find ways to screen for cancer sooner to help prevent more deaths from cancer.

The Mason Foundation is close to our hearts hear at Vape and Juice, and no doubt to lots of you reading this blog.

How can I get involved in the Vape and Juice Esports Event?

You can join us at the live event in Islington from 4pm onwards, watch the live stream, or just buy a raffle ticket to help us raise money to screen for cancer sooner. Buy your raffle tickets here 

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