Can you vape CBD?

Can you vape CBD?

Can you vape CBD? 

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Becky Spencer-Davies, 06/12/2018 

CBD has a huge number of benefits, from helping mental disorders to relieving pain and symptoms of chronic illness. There are various ways to get CBD into your bloodstream and to the brain receptors in order to get the desired relief. You can consume CBD in the form of oil by using it in cooking, or dropping it on your tongue, or in answer to the question can you vape CBD, yes you can.

Vaping is one of the quickest and most convenient methods to consume CBD. Vaping CBD e-liquid can offer quick relief to pain and other conditions. The speed in which it gets into your brain receptors is key when it comes to treating pain and symptoms of seizures. Ingesting the oil can take up to 30 minutes to reach your brain, not ideal in certain situations. 

Vaping CBD is fast and convenient

CBD oil for anxiety

Vaping CBD e-juice is very convenient too. You can have your vape device in your pocket ready to fire up whenever you feel you need it.

It quickly enters the bloodstream and will give you the desired relief much faster than consuming it.

You will not feel ‘high’ from vaping CBD. It contains 0.2% THC and is therefore legal to use in the UK. The cannabis plant has many properties and benefits, not all of which get you ‘stoned.’ CBD is one of those cannabinoids.

You can Vape CBD using a standard refillable device. Just as you do with your regular e-juice, you fill up the tank, hit the fire button and you are ready to go. 


Where can you buy CBD to vape?

CBD oil for anxiety

 You can buy CBD vape juice at our vape shop in Benfleet near Hadleigh and all of our Vape and Juice stores in the UK.

While we don’t have a physical store in Hadleigh you are able to shop online and take advantage of our free delivery service. Or you can take a 2.5 mile drive to our store 200 High Rd, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 5LD.

We are open seven days a week, 9-6 Monday to Saturday and 11-4pm Sunday. Come and see us to find out more about vaping CBD and how to get started.

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