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Can nicotine salts be used in a regular vaping device?

Everything you need to know about nic salts.

Becky Spencer-Davies, 20/11/2018 

Believe it or not, vaping isn’t just about cloud chasing, intense flavour, and high VG juice, sometimes it is just about fulfilling that nicotine craving.
The majority of people started vaping as an avenue to quit smoking, and not everyone wants to have the big devices with all the bells and whistles. Some people just want a discreet vape device that fits in their pocket and gives them the nicotine they crave at the level they want it.

However, this crowd of vapers can just be left with a basic device and a harsh e-juice that doesn’t quite hit the spot.

Nic salts bridge the gap for these kinds of vapers. They provide a higher level of nicotine and can be used a regular device device (read on for our preferences!) Here are a few things to know about nic salts. 

Why nicotine salts?

The nic salt is derived from the tobacco leaf, which has some great benefits including the quick absorption of the nicotine into the bloodstream. This means that you don’t need to vape as much as you have a stronger hit than a regular vape juice. Perfect for if you are at work and just have a quick break or you need to stealth vape.

Perfect for a stealth vape and to curb cravings

Nic salts are ideal if you want to stealth vape, want to fulfil your nicotine craving and keep the cost of vaping down. You can use nic salts in your regular vape device so there is no need to buy another device, though we know many of our customers do have an aspire breeze which they use solely for their nic salts. 

Smooth throat hit

Even with a 20mg nic salt vape juice you will still have a super smooth throat hit which is a real draw. None of that harsh scratchy feeling you can find with the high mg regular juices.

Can nicotine salts can be used in a regular vaping device?

We are often asked whether nicotine salts can be used in a regular vaping device. The answer is yes, nicotine salts can be used in a regular vaping device. You simply fill it as you do with a traditional e-liquid. That being said, some devices are better suited to nic salts, such as the Aspire Breeze. As nic salts have a stronger nicotine content you might not want to be dripping them. They can be too strong for a huge lung inhale!

At Vape and Juice we have some great nic salt products. Have a look on our website or come and try them in store to see if they are right for you and your needs. 

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